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Bungie hates matchmaking


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Just joined me in the match, where the score was in favor of the enemy. The game has not loading yet, and I already heard that we lost.

Bungie has long held that...

And I only got defeated and nothing more! Is this how it should work? Comment Reply Start Topic. Don't be silly, Bungie hates ALL their players. The whole game is for new and sole players thats why destiny 2 is in a coma just being honest.

Destiny is not a game for solo players that's how I played Bungie hates matchmaking year one of D1 and I accomplished almost nothing Bungie hates matchmaking changed that starting post year two taken king Get your friends together and play with them if you don't have any that's unfortunate GO MAKE SOME it's not that hard join a random clan or a destiny club message random people in crucible or strikes and patrols you're bound to find people you'll enjoy playing with and then you can complete multiplayer activities If you don't like people The game is catered towards casuals and they even built in a fireteam finder on here so you didn't have to use LFG sites.

Don't be silly, Bungie hates...

Bungie hates matchmaking You choose to play alone The only person you can blame is yourself. There's nothing out there now but teams of 4 hunters vanishing with subs rushing people cause the have no skill just team shots wow most of the player base are gone I tried to play for the past two days that's my experience not a Bungie hates matchmaking one at all people need just need to realize that the game was doomed from the start with all the hand holding bs.

This game was MADE for new and lesser skilled. Bungie have been shitting on their entire player base. I dont' think they "hate" solo players. I think the cabal of departments "Bungie hates matchmaking" oversee the CrucibleCrucible, Sandbox, Weapon designare isolated and stubborn. They are so focused on the game and game experience that they want to MAKE So they've created this game where play is funneled into such a narrow range of play, that set fireteams have a HUGE advantage over everyone else.

So people mob-up and then pub stomp. The solo queue experience is so miserable, that you get high quit rates No, this isn't how it should work. Its like this because of the accumulated effects of a series of bad game design decisions by Bungie As much as I like to blame matchmaking for terrible matches it can only do so much.

Which is to say it's only using everyone's recorded performances to come to an average and matching using those to decide. I mean on the factor of skill, I'm sure there are other considerations for matchmaking. Anyway it's not like it knows how you got those averages, let alone what to do with them. At the end of the Bungie hates matchmaking it's decided that you can at least give the enemy team a hard time.

So set out to do that and you may enjoy the game more. Rather than strictly caring only about winning. Something I could stand to go back to be honest, not sure what changed. However I remember that being my only goal in halo. It helped that Halo did not have join in progress.

Why that helped is due to the team that didn't drop at all found it not fun to play, yet wouldn't quit either.

So staying in just made them mad, and of course giving them Bungie hates matchmaking hard time killing you even more so lol. Being called a "-blam! Not quite the same but I do also recall playing doubles crouching with and controlling the sword with my partner playing Bungie hates matchmaking lol.

I hate going against 4...

That team quit to. Ah nostalgia, anyhow matchmaking is not perfect it's never going to be. Also I am of the opinion Bungie hates matchmaking PvP has never been well designed anyway so it doesn't help. For instance you can feed in this game, causing severe steam rolling with nothing to counteract it. Whereas halo you really couldn't unless someone died with a power weapon or something, which also didn't necessarily mean anything. - Your guide to...

If it did start happening you as a player could easily stop it by picking people off one by one easily. It's not something you can do in destiny with so many aggressively chaotic design choices. Boy can I ramble. Cool beans if you read all that crap. Solo players dont sell the "Bungie hates matchmaking" to friends.

Same reason why Destiny has never had end game matchmaking. It's a marketing tool to help drive sales. Wanna run the raid? Get your friends to buy it!! The Crucible team still has not learned by Y4 that an organized team will always have advantages over a team of randoms. Bungie hates matchmaking organized team has the power of communication and they may have Bungie hates matchmaking each others strengths and weaknesses over time. The team of randoms has neither advantage, which gives them a handicap before the match begins.

Unfortunately, there are so few players now that there is nothing that can be done without increasing the match search time. Bungie pays Demonware for matchmaking service, so they obviously do not want to increase their cost given the current state of the game and low player population.

That being said, I played dozens of matches during IB and most of my matches were randoms playing randoms because of the time during which I played.

Shit matchmaking. Just wanna know...

I currently have more than IB tokens from these matches. When you solo Bungie puts you up against full on clan teams to push you into not playing solo.

It's that Friendship thing they like to push. Dude you played pvp matches?

God dam Bungie hates matchmaking I thought my 43 VOG clears was hardcore. They dislike veterans to. They took a great game franchise and gave us a turd for a sequel. Lol they made this game for new and solo players their Litterally nothing for the hardcore players Supposedly they are working on changing it so it would Bungie hates matchmaking stacked teams vs stacked teams and solos vs solos but they talked about that awhile ago and nothing really has come of it.

It took me 2 and a half months to grind for all the prestige raid gear and now new players can have it given to them in one completion I am really salty about this.

What character and platform did you play these games on? Any game should be with a chance of winning. Solo against an organised team means you have more belief you'll lose. Rather odd Bungie don't get this.

Don't be silly, Bungie hates...

Because Bungie seems to have idiots calling the shots. I am over the age of AGE. Bungie has long held that getting six people together to Bungie hates matchmaking them creates these still suffer from many of the problems of normal matchmaking and an They'd probably make fun of my helmet or something, or hate me for.

Gambit is a great mode in Destiny 2 that is also terrible. I also hate Gambit. I hate it While Gambit is designed with matchmaking (thank god), you will often run up against certain teams that are coordinated enough to make.

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