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Sexy older models


There's no doubt Halle Berry has one of the best bods in Hollywood. Due to regular workouts filled with "Sexy older models," core, and circuit training, the Oscar winner's confidence has surged since she hit the big I guess that comes with getting older," Sexy older models says.

She may be 46, but Cindy Crawford is still in that same supermodel shape from 20 years ago! The brunette beauty prefers to mix things up when it comes to her workouts, choosing between running, Pilates, Power Plate training, biking, and hiking.

Hiding underneath a sarong or...

With a philosophy of "80 percent good, 80 percent of the time," Crawford is the real deal when it comes to all things healthy. I don't smoke, I don't take too much sun on my face—all those things.

From models to fitness gurus,...

If you keep doing them enough over the years, they add up," Sexy older models says. America's favorite former Friends star was once an avid runner, but now spices up her workouts with things like Pilates, tennis, surfing, yoga, bike riding, resistance bands, and martial arts.

The year-old actress trains with Michelle Lovitt to target those trouble spots and is known to be a devotee of the Tracy Anderson Method. As a lifelong fitness fanatic and sensible eater, there's no question Sheryl Crow has a body half her age. The year-old singer stays in rockin' shape with everything from biking, stand up paddle Sexy older models, tennis, and P90X to weight training, circuits, and Plyometrics.

That's where I can really clear my head," she says. After 30 years of struttin' the stage with that alarmingly fit figure, Madonna is the ultimate queen when it comes to both pop music and fitness.

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