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Pics of darwin australia


Situated on the Timor SeaDarwin is the largest city in the sparsely populated Northern Territory, with a population ofThe city itself is built upon a low bluff overlooking the harbour.

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Its suburbs Pics of darwin australia out over some area, beginning at Lee Point in the north and stretching to Berrimah in the east.

Past BerrimahPics of darwin australia Stuart Highway goes on to Darwin's satellite cityPalmerstonand its suburbs. The Darwin region, like much of the Top End, experiences a tropical climate with a wet and dry season.

Approximately weeks leading up to Darwin's wet season, a period known locally as "the build up" sees temperature and humidity both increase. Darwin's wet season typically arrives in late November-early December and brings with it heavy monsoonal downpours, spectacular lightning displays and increased cyclone activity. The greater Darwin area is the ancestral home of the Larrakia people. John Clements Wickham named the region "Port Darwin" in honour of their former shipmate Charles Darwinwho had sailed with them on the ship's previous voyage which had ended in October The settlement there became the town of Palmerston inhowever was later renamed Darwin in The Aboriginal people of the Larrakia language group are the traditional custodians and the first inhabitants of the greater Darwin area.

Established songlines penetrated throughout the country, allowing stories and histories to be told and retold along the routes.

Pics of darwin australia extent of shared songlines and history of multiple clan groups within this area is still contestable. The Dutch visited Australia's northern coastline in the s and landed on the Tiwi Islands only to be repelled by the Tiwi peoples. The ship's captain, Commander John Clements Wickhamnamed the port after Charles Darwinthe British naturalist who had sailed with them both on the earlier second expedition of the Beagle.

In South Australia sent B. Finniss north as Government Resident to survey and found a capital for its new territory. This attempt was short-lived, however, and the settlement abandoned by Inthe first poles for the Overland Telegraph were erected in Darwin, connecting Australia to the rest of the world.

The discovery of gold by employees of the Australian Overland Telegraph Line digging holes for telegraph poles at Pine Creek in the s spawned a gold rush which further boosted the young colony's development.

In February the brigatine Alexandra was the first private vessel to set sail from an English port directly to Darwin, carrying people many of whom were coming to recent gold finds. In early Darwin's white population had grown to approximately because of the gold rush. The approximately 88 passengers and 34 crew surviving records vary included government officials, circuit-court judges, Darwin residents taking their first furloughand miners. While travelling south along the north Queensland coast, the Gothenburg encountered a cyclone-strength storm and was wrecked on a section of the Great Barrier Reef.

Only 22 Pics of darwin australia survived, while between 98 and people perished. Many passengers who perished were Darwin residents and news of the tragedy severely affected the small community, which reportedly took several years to recover. In the s, relatively large numbers of Chinese settled at least temporarily in the Northern Territory; many were contracted to work the Pics of darwin australia and later to build the Palmerston to Pine Creek railway.

By there were Chinese in the Northern Territory, mostly in or around Darwin. The early Chinese settlers were mainly from the Kwantung Province in south China. However at the end of the nineteenth century anti-Chinese feelings grew in response to the s economic depression and the White Australia policy meant many Chinese left the Territory.

However, some families stayed and became Australian citizens, and established a commercial base in Darwin. The period between and was filled with political turmoil, particularly with trade union unrest, which culminated on 17 December Led by Harold Nelsonsome demonstrators marched to Government House at Liberty Square in Darwin where they burnt an effigy of the Administrator of the Northern Territory John Gilruth and demanded his resignation.

The incident became known as the ' Darwin Rebellion '. Their grievances were against the two main Northern Territory employers: Vestey's Meatworks and the federal government. Both Gilruth and the Vestey company left Darwin soon afterwards.

On 19 February atJapanese warplanes attacked Darwin in two waves. It was the same fleet that had bombed Pearl Harborthough a considerably larger number of bombs were dropped on Darwin than on Pearl Harbor. The attack killed at least people and caused immense damage to the town, airfields and aircraft.

These were by far the most serious attacks on Australia in time of war, in terms of fatalities and damage. They were the first of many raids on Darwin.

Darwin was further developed after the war, with sealed roads constructed connecting the region to Alice Springs to the south and Mount Isa to the south-east, and Manton Dam built in the south to provide the city with water. Pics of darwin australia Australia Day 26 JanuaryDarwin was granted city status. After the disaster, 30, people of the population of 46, were evacuated, in what turned out to be the biggest airlift in Australia's history. On 17 September the Adelaide—Darwin railway was completed, with the opening of the Alice Springs-Darwin standard gauge line.

Darwin lies in Pics of darwin australia Northern Territory, on the Timor Sea. The city proper occupies a low bluff overlooking Darwin Harbourflanked by Frances Bay to the east and Cullen Bay to the west.

The remainder of the city is flat and low-lying, and coastal areas are home to recreational reserves, extensive beaches, and excellent fishing. Darwin is closer to the capitals of five other countries than to the capital of Australia: As the largest city in the area, it provides services for these remote settlements. Darwin and its suburbs spread in an approximately triangular shape, with the older south-western suburbs—and the city itself—forming one corner, the newer northern suburbs another, and the eastern suburbs, progressing towards Palmerston, forming the third.

Darwin's central business district is bounded by Daly Street in the north-west, McMinn Street in the north-east, Mitchell Street on the south-west and Bennett Street on the south-east. The development will also include hotels, residential apartments and public space. The largest shopping precinct in the area is Casuarina Square. The most expensive residential areas stand along the coast in suburbs such as the marina of Cullen Bay part of LarrakeyahBayview and Brinkin[24] despite the risk these low-lying regions face during cyclones and higher tides, adequate drainage and stringent building regulations have reduced the potential damage to buildings or injury to residents.

More recent developments near Lyons subdivision includes the suburb of Muirhead. Prolonged periods of no precipitation are common in the dry season in Northern Australia particularly in the Northern Territory and northern regions of Western Australia although a Pics of darwin australia event of this extent is rare.

The 3pm dewpoint average in the wet season is at around Extreme temperatures at the Darwin Post Office Station have ranged from The highest minimum temperature on record is The wet season is associated with tropical cyclones and monsoon rains. Darwin's highest Bureau of Meteorology verified daily rainfall total is The hottest month is November, just before the onset of the main rain season.

Because of its long dry season, Darwin has the second most daily average sunshine hours 8. The sun passes directly overhead in mid October and mid February. The average temperature of the sea ranges from Darwin occupies one of the most lightning-prone areas in Australia. Inthe largest ancestry groups in Darwin were Australian 42, or Darwin's population is notable for the highest proportional population of Indigenous Australians of any Australian capital city.

In the census, 10, 9. Darwin's population changed after the Second World War. Darwin, like many other Australian cities, experienced influxes from Europe, with significant numbers of Italians and Greeks during the s and s.

Darwin also started to experience an influx from other European countries, which included the DutchGermansand many others. Darwin's population comprises people from many ethnic backgrounds.

The Census revealed that the most Pics of darwin australia places of birth for overseas migrants were the United Kingdom 3. Darwin has a youthful population with an average age of 33 years compared to the national average of around 37 years [43] assisted to a large extent by the military presence and the fact that many people opt to retire elsewhere. Christianity has the most adherents in Darwin, with 56, followers accounting for There were 26, or Darwin is one of the fastest growing capital cities in Australia, with an annual growth rate of 2.

In recent years, the Palmerston and Litchfield parts of the Darwin statistical division have recorded the highest growth in population of any Northern Territory local government area and by Litchfield could overtake Palmerston as the second largest municipality in metropolitan Darwin. The City of Darwin electorate is organised into four electoral units or wards.

The names of the Pics of darwin australia are Chan, Lyons, Richardson, and Waters. The constituents of each ward are directly responsible for electing three aldermen. Constituents of all wards are directly responsible for electing the Lord Mayor of Darwin. The rest of the Darwin area is divided into 2 local government areas —the Palmerston City Council and the Shire of Pics of darwin australia. These areas Pics of darwin australia elected councils which are responsible for functions delegated to them by the Northern Territory Governmentsuch as planning and garbage collection.

Government Housethe official residence of the Administrator of the Northern Territoryis located on The Esplanade. Darwin's police force are members of the Northern Territory Police Force.

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Darwin's Mitchell Street, with its numerous pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues, is policed by the CitySafe Unit. The CitySafe unit was recently credited with reducing violent crime in and around Darwin City. Historically, Darwin was a stronghold for the Country Liberal Party.

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