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Bogota vs medellin


My husband and I are planning to go Bogota vs medellin Colombia in mid-September to celebrate his 40th birthday!

It's not nearly as long a trip as we would like to take but we are leaving behind our almost 3-year old with my mom so we're nervous to be gone for much longer.

We typically enjoy places that offer architecture, culture, walking tours, people watching and good food. Based on "Bogota vs medellin" research I have done so far, I'd ideally like to visit BogotaMedellin and Cartagena however I am concerned 5 days is Bogota vs medellin short to cover all 3 cities.

We definitely want to go to Cartagena for the Old City. Not interested in beaches per se so we won't try to go to Rosario or Santa Marta etc. The decision we have to make is whether we stay in Bogota we will be flying into El Dorado or just pass through and go straight to Medillin.

I did try to pull together a scenario in which we are able to cover all 3 cities and it's really tight! Five days is WAY too short for three destinations.

You'll be spending too much of your time in transit between destinations. I have not yet been to Cartagena. August is supposed to be the driest time of year in Bogota. Bogota is usually overcast and drizzly. Think of Seattle or San Franciscoweather-wise, only at ft above sea level. Medellin is beautifully sunny with near-perfect weather year-round. Think of San Diego, weather-wise, at ft above sea level. Cartagena is a Caribbean city, expect it to be hot and muggy.

However, it's not much Bogota vs medellin a hurricane risk due to its location.

Bogota vs medellin And hot and muggy is relative. You're in Houstonso it will be similar to the weather you are leaving. I would recommend Bogota and Cartagena. Most people seem to prefer Medellin and its perfect weather and well-organized public transportation to Bogota.

But I'm not most people. Thanks for your response. Could you share a little more about why you preferred Bogota over Medellin? That's a difficult question to answer. There is more to do in Bogota: And yet Bogota, despite being home to a population of 8 million, didn't feel like a mega-city. The attractions and sights Bogota vs medellin see are more obvious and plentiful in Bogota. There is more to do in the surrounding environs. I could come up with a list of why Medellin is better, too.

The weather, for one. It has some very interesting modern architecture.

It has more Botero. The hotels and restaurants are more concentrated in the beautiful Poblado neighborhood. And the people are Bogota vs medellin. But the bottom line is that I just felt more comfortable in Bogota, for whatever reason. I love the fact that people in Bogota are not automatically warm and effusively friendly.

It's more like I am in real life. So I'm suspicious of unearned warmth. It makes me feel like I'm a tourist in Disneyland. I exaggerate, but not by much.

But, realistically, you can't go wrong with Bogota vs medellin. Or with choosing both and ditching Cartagena. That said, I would recommend pairing one or the other with Cartagena for the different view of Colombia. Both Medellin and Bogota are beautifully located up against the Andres in different valleys which is why you can't easily get Bogota vs medellin one to the other using surface transportation, even though they look, on a map, like they'd be close.

Cartagena is a Caribbean city. It would be a completely different experience, as opposed to interesting variations on the same theme.

I would stick with Bogota as you are flying in there anyway to cut down travel time. I live in Medellinhowever I prefer Bogota - but both choices are great however if you decide on Medellin.

There is a lot more to do, it is more international and also has the historic area of Candalaria. A suitable day trip would be to Zipaquira and Guatavita where they have the salt cathedaral.

The people in Bogota are very friendly and it is a large city with many different regions. The weather however is colder and usually wetter than Medellin. Historical Areas - Bogota has Candalaria Historical area. An outlying city in Medellin has something similar ie Santa Fe de Antioquia which would involve a day trip a great trip but you seem short on time. Bogota has Monseratte fantastic view over Bogota vs medellin city - Bogota vs medellin a cable car up.

That itinerary is not realistic. You're not factoring in travel time, including in particular the time you will spend getting to and from airports, waiting for flights, etc.

Hotels travellers are raving about...

In Medellinthe airport is a full hour from the city center. In Bogotathe distance is much shorter, but the traffic much worse, so the drive can be equally long. I would suggest first of all that you limit to two cities, max Bogota and Cartagena. Second, I would recommend you connect directly to Cartagena from the US rather than overnighting in Bogota. Those overnights are a Bogota vs medellin time waster.

Medellin is a very pleasant city, with gracious and charming people, but Bogota has much more for the very short visit tourist to do Bogota vs medellin see. And you do not want to miss the Museo Botero which I consider to be possibly the least known great Bogota vs medellin in the world.

Thank you ALL for the thoughtful and detailed responses. The decision is made - Bogota and Cartagena it is! And yes, I have decided to change the itinerary to go straight to Cartagena the stop is actually in Panama Citythen to Bogota, then non stop to Houston. It is in Zona Rosa and three levels there is another one in Chia however it is out of Bogota and a bit of a hike.

Bogotá vs Medellín, which is...

It is the best place in the country for celebrate. If you come in Bogota vs medellin days go to the one in Zona Rosa. Dont forget to make a reservation!!! Make sure you have transport back if you go to Chia and leave late. We had lots of problems with so many people and very taxis willing or able to make the trip.

I "Bogota vs medellin" that Bogota is worth spending time in, especially Candelaria during the day. The Police Museum in particular was very interesting with its displays from the Pablo Escobar drug-busting ofand surrounding architecture from colonial days is beautiful.

I was there in so obviously a few things may have changed but I found it easy to get around with taxis and walking. I stayed in the Bogota vs medellin area recommended as secure in those days at Cosmos hotel which even then cost me 50 quid a night but a very nice classy hotel with top floor gym and pool. City centre has lots of nice modern bars and restaurants. Give yourself lots of time if getting away from airport as I gave myself 3 hours which was hardly enough due to massive queues and almost missed my flight!!

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