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Luke hemmings fanfic sexual


Boi have I been having those Calum feels lately.

It seems like no amount of fanfiction can quench my thirst, so I just made some myself. Luke loves biting his lip out of habit and that is, according to "Luke hemmings fanfic sexual," the biggest turn on to date. You knew Harry was angry.

In your opinion he was totally overreacting. The man in the restaurant just wanted to buy you a drink while you, Harry and your friends were waiting at the bar for your table. He quickly threw his jacket and shoes in the corner of your hallway, then went straight to the kitchen.

When you followed him you saw that he was standing at one of the kitchen counters, back facing him and hands resting on the counter while his head hang low. You knew he had drank a bit, and you tried to justify his behavior. Harry chuckled, running his hands over his face. Why did you let him buy you a drink? One second later he was standing in front of you and pressed you against Luke hemmings fanfic sexual kitchen counter behind you.

Your heard was beating fast and Harry glared down at you. You tried to make him let go of you but you had no chance. His eyes were scanning your face and for one second his face went soft until he furrowed his brows and let go of you. Of course sometimes he was angty but he never let it out on you and he never touched you in any way. A quiet sob escaped your mouth what made Harry look at you immediately. You went straight to the bathroom, trying to calm down.

Harry was probably in the living room, because you could hear the tv.

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