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Kenya real housewives of atlanta hookup


According to Page Sixthe former Miss USA was offered a part-time role, but was less than keen on the pay cut attached and thus will not be back. Consistent word is that producers were less than impressed when Moore secretly married restaurant entrepreneur Marc Daly last year; they were reportedly even more infuriated by her alleged unwillingness to share the relationship on camera. Moral of the story? Moore was nowhere to be seen. Out with the divas last night! A post shared by Kandi Burruss kandi on Jul 11, at Kenya real housewives of atlanta hookup Your email address will not be published.

Let us know what you have to say: Notify me of new posts by email. Great for her These white producers just want to use black people make the fight. This is not a racial issue. If you are on a reality show it is just a job. Do your job or move on.

Everything We Know About Kenya...

Kenya did not want to do her job so there is no need for the 10th post stating she is not on next season. Everybody knows this already. Let her focus on some other gigs for once, which she should have been doing while getting a bravo check like Porshia does. The best way to make people seethe is to collect multiple checks at the same time.

That way you hold your power and when you get too busy you just let one of your multiple checks go. When you just filming one show and no new acting gigs on your imdb like Kenya then you are being lazy. Same goes for people who think they are all that but only make check. Kim Zolciak kept Big Poppa off camera and many times didnt film.

Unlike Kenya, the entire cast including Andy knew his existence and had met him several times. Lee was very much a good story line for Kim as she paraded around wearing that massive engagement ring, bragged about her relationship to a rich man, and was lavished with expensive gifts from Lee.

For example, Walter stated Kenya paid him to act as her boyfriend on the show and that personal trainer guy said Kenya was paying him too with receipts. You are reaching here. Who makes black Kenya real housewives of atlanta hookup look like hot messes.

He and mona scott should drown. You have paid your dues. Phaedra is a liar hands down!! But Cynthia had a recording of her telling on herself. She also lied Kenya real housewives of atlanta hookup not knowing where Apollo got all that money from, but she sure put that house in her name.

Was there a statement released by Bravo or Kenya? Read between the lines.

If rumors are true, then...

Kenya is officially not on the next season so far. The ratings will go up actually. Ratings for RHOA have nothing to do with any of the housewives individually. The show has a loyal audience and a Sunday night spot that keeps growing in ratings. That is why they would never air the show against any big Sunday night sporting event or award show. They know the audience is watching to be watching because they are loyal yet unattached to any of these women.

Trash I am your puppet master. After all you live for me and you loathe me.

But before Apollo Nida started...

Hence, your user name lol Desperado. I love Kenya, but no one is bigger than the show hence why Nene came back. The show will be lame without Kenya…. I sad to hear the star of RHOA is not coming back. However, the show will continue to flop as the remaining women are ghetto, uneducated, uncouth, typical black women.

The drama is getting real...

Cynthia is the only one with regalness but many consider her boring. Phaedra is NOT coming back she is putting those stories out there. Kenya will do just fine as she finally got the life she wanted. Team Gorgeous as it always Kenya real housewives of atlanta hookup The uglies and broke will continue to hate.

Since when is it not an obligation to show your husband on a housewife show? This is reality TV not Taco Bell. You want the job or you dont? The job is to showcase your life and your house, including your husband or boyfriend. To make matters worse, Kenya did not introduce her husband to the cast mates off camera either to ease their suspicions so she played herself. Bye ashy lizard skinned Kenyon.

Smooth skinned Eva eating your peach now lol.

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