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Uninstall facebook app


Why the hell can i not uninstall the facebook app? I only received the phone like an hour ago but so far iam very happy! No issues etc I was just uninstalling some Uninstall facebook app however and was "Uninstall facebook app" please that theres very little bloatware but the one remaining app i want to delete 'Facebook' cannot be deleted!

The facebook app was always an app that was up to the user wether they wanted it or not! I think Facebook is part of operating system installed on the phone, so it's kind of permanent, but you can disable it and that was the first thing I did on my phone.

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However for some strange reason facebook installation manager is used by Oculus to install it's VR applications and since my kids use VR to play Uninstall facebook app, I had to enable it back, but facebook application itself can be disabled. No mine is factory unlocked! Ironically theres very little bloatware on this device in comparison to previous devices!

Facebook is probably the only app pre installed that i don't want but sadly i cannot uninstall it. I guess its no big deal!

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Id rather have it uninstalled but i will just Uninstall facebook app it and download an alternative for facebook instead! Are you saying that if i want to use VR that i have to enable it again though?? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

Why the hell can i...

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Login with Google Forgot your password?

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Bridge syncs your notifications between your Android smartphones and tablets November 15, Uninstall facebook app Drawer is an Android app that lets you access your widgets from anywhere November 14, Motorola One Power kernel source code is now available November 9, By Blaalad12Senior Member on 5th May Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 3 1 2 3.

Google Nexus 5Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Yeah I was pretty puzzled too. Weird that they have Facebook as a system app. I rarely use facebook, but when I do I use it on either chrome or the samsung browser. I use it in facebook mobile mode, but when I want to check any messages I "Uninstall facebook app" to switch over to desktop mode as mobile mode will prompt to install facebook messenger.

Bottom line, you don't need the facebook app to "Uninstall facebook app" facebook, use chrome Uninstall facebook app samsung browser lately I am finding I like samsung internet better as it seems to make text the proper size to be more easily readable and also you can add an extension to sync your chrome bookmarks and history to the samsung internet browser - anyway, use one of these browsers in mobile mode. The facebook app has too many permissions and location following for my tastes.

I disable it with package disabler pro. Facebook is needed to do VR. If it's not enabled oculus doesn't launch.

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