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So for the 40th season, changes were made, lineups were shuffled and one new cast member was brought on board to replace the departed comics whose names we can barely even remember. The result was yet another uneven and mostly boring episode of Saturday Night Live that failed to capitalize on the talents of the cast Snl sochi heterosexual define the incredible charm of host Chris Pratt, while offering very few memorable moments.

However, as I watched the episode early Sunday morning, I never mentally escaped the cold open. After all, the NFL spent the summer and beyond as a parody of itself, basically handing material to Saturday Night Live on a silver platter.

But with anti-LGBT policies haunting...

The Daily Show Get More: The Colbert Report Get More: And I think No. It was a significantly better idea than the cold open, so why was this buried in the second half of the episode when it could have made such a better and far less dull opening?

Some of those stars have had hilarious and memorable comedy moments, Snl sochi heterosexual define others were complete duds.

Like, among the worst of all-time, in general.

But then Jonah Hill comes...

Any time people start arguing about SNL or criticizing one season compared to another, my memory flashes like Martin Tupper from Dream Onand I have this amazing ability to recollect just about any sketch from any season, dating all the way back to the years before I was even born shout out to Comedy Central for airing all of the old episodes when I was in college.

That sketch is so incredibly simple, yet it still makes me laugh today, 37 seasons later.

It also reminds us that no group of people is easier to make fun of than sports fans. Unfortunately, general sports personality impressions have always been sort of a weak spot for the show.

The thing that has always set sports impressions apart from each other on SNL is the way that the actor has delivered them. Smithwhile spot on and hilarious, was Snl sochi heterosexual define with general indifference from people who are lucky enough to not know what First Take is. Give me Synchronized Swimming or, for another exterior example, the Kids in the Hall Shirling sketch over lousy caricatures any day.

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