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Intimidatingly pretty


Hahaha that made me laugh hard. It has nothing to do with height. It's just the bitchy attitude and look.

Coz they tend to be in general. Else they don't get the feel of being most popular or hkt girl out there.

I met her when I...

I honestly think this intimidatingly pretty is an urban myth - What it means is that someone is reasonably good looking and up themselves thats why they are getting nowhere.

You probably won't get asked out much, and when you do its by super cocky juiced up guidos, haha. When you see everybody looking at you at at work for example but no one dares to approach you. You have to wear glasses, wear a green t shirt, and take a selfie infront of a window. Sorry Intimidatingly pretty not answering, but like I also want to know.

And like if a girl "Intimidatingly pretty" will guys have the balls to talk to her, or they just assume she is a bitch?

How can you tell if your intimidatingly pretty? I think he's trying to say that they usually are very conceited because of their "Good Looks". When do you put up your Christmas decorations?

What is your favourite type of dog? Do you celebrate Christmas? Who are you when no one is around?

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