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Hypersexualized disney princesses


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Six Disney princesses from L...

Anyone else getting tired of all Hypersexualized disney princesses hypersexualized Disney Princess drawings on the internet lately?

What a bunch of bastards. I enjoyed me some Disney growing up but I was never super gung-ho about it, and really wasn't into the princesses at all Lion King etc. The best of the princesses are tolerable, but Disney in general is just so dated. Why is there always a romantic subplot? Am I the only one who finds Disney romances alienating?

Especially considering that the relationships in these movies are always damsel-in-distress-type situations, even now. Even in Tangled, where it's clear they Hypersexualized disney princesses a conscious effort not to have it be that way, there's still a level of that. The only exception I can think of is Mulan. Pixar produced Brave and Disney released. It's rather a mother-daughter bonding story instead of a traditional Disney Princess romance.

Completely forgot about Brave. I really enjoyed the total "Hypersexualized disney princesses" of a romantic sub plot in that movie, though.

And if it makes you feel any better, most of my friends aren't into that either. I know a something woman who is obsessed with Disney princesses, and I kinda hate them, and we otherwise might be total bros but I feel like this is the one thing that will forever stand in the way of our friendship.


My bestie is like that, I just embrace that she has a hard on for Disney and love her anyway. Evil queen warts and all. I would upvote you just for your awesome username but Disney princesses are pretty meh to me too. I feel like they are aimed at children I don't know any straight Hypersexualized disney princesses who isn't trying to get into that 16 year-old's seashells. What, the shallow, impulsive girl who would sign her soul away for a chance to kiss a guy because he's hot, that's the girl I'm supposed to want?

I've got trust issues and insecurity, which is why I would never go for that. You think I would somehow delude myself that someone would decide to slavishly love me Hypersexualized disney princesses only me for the rest of time?

Good luck with that lasting any appreciable length of time. I guess if I were okay with being an abuser, I'd be fine with her entire world being cut off and me being the Hypersexualized disney princesses thing in it. Oh, why couldn't she be the other kind of mermaid, with Hypersexualized disney princesses fish part on the top and the lady part on the bottom?

Yeah, I liked Disney as a kid but I'm getting out-nostaligia'd at this point like with all the 90s stuff. But they do seem to have other membrane-bound organelles. Do archae have organelles? I can't remember and you seem like you'd know that off the top of your head. I'd take those sexy drawings! Also might be a mermaid. I wish I could live in the world you live in, where horrors such as 50 Shades are not quite so horrible.

This line, and far far worse, were indeed published in a poorly written, abuse-glorifying series that has outsold Harry Potter. God help us all. Ugh that book is trash. It's such bad smut.

If anything it stands as evidence to the fact that older women need porn. I was trying to read it in the spirit of "I don't want to talk shit about something I haven't even read yet", but I just couldn't handle it.

It was that bad. So I never made it to the tampon scene and when I read that passage in another article a few days ago there was a literal record scratch in my brain as I went " I guess you never heard of the magical land of rule34, where even the brave little toaster has some porn drawn for him.

It's not really a disney princess thing, it's more of a "hey this is neat let's make some porn from it" thing. Ugh great now that scene where Blankie dreams about being reunited with the boy I think? Been forever since I've seen it just took on a terrible note in my head.

Aww, I at least liked the art style in them. The Tiana and Mulan ones in particular were really pretty. But I just looked at this again on my 23" monitor instead of on my phone and in the last one Kristoff is actually holding the I noticed that and "Hypersexualized disney princesses" if Hypersexualized disney princesses else had made a comment on it.

Is that even in 50 Shades of Grey? Read literally 2 lines down on the browser.

Yeah, I think the title...

Apparently I mentally blocked that out from my brain. Y'know, I never considered the ramifications of that flair with this handle. I'd have to get creative with it, I guess: Half of those characters are like under Sorry, not sexy and hella disturbing.

Oh honey, if only you knew what teens got up to! Most princesses are much older than you think. It's fine that teens get up to whatever they want, but I feel skeevy looking at sexualized 16 year olds as a 23 year old dude. It's hard to tell the Hypersexualized disney princesses of the subjects of the cartoons, so I don't feel so weird looking at them.

I completely agree, though. Sexualizing teenagers really weirds me out, to the point that I was distracted by the character's ages when I read Song Hypersexualized disney princesses Achilles.

Six Disney princesses from L...

You weren't sexually active at 16? Sucks to be you.

I am not weirded out by that and I'm Then again, that's probably because I am not sexually aroused by freaking cartoons. What the hell does the age I became sexually active at matter?

Peggy Orenstein describes 'Princess Culture'...

If you're only turned on by someone in front of you, that's fine. If you watch porn of any kind on whatever electronic device you're using, then a cartoon is functionally no different. It's colored Hypersexualized disney princesses in a certain arrangement showing you an image your brain interprets and adds meaning to. If it was drawn, it just came from a different origin. But would you watch 16 year Olds being sexual with each other in person? Would you, at your age right now, be sexual with a 16 year old?

And that's why it's wrong. Did that really make sense to you? Like did you type those words, look at them, and then go, "yes! That is a logical Hypersexualized disney princesses I can't tell someone's age by looking Hypersexualized disney princesses them. I'm actually quite bad at it. I personally wouldn't be involved with anyone younger than 21 intentionally, but I also don't feel bad if I'm checking out someone who turns out to be a minor.

Not my fault and no harm done. That said, I have personally advised minors on sex ed and topics of that nature. I've had a healthy and active sex life since I was 15 and I want to encourage others to know its normal and healthy to start exploring at whatever age feels right to them. When did "sexualised" become insufficient? Did we become sensitized to it, as a word, and need to move on to harder things? And when you're right, you're right. Well I think if you "Hypersexualized disney princesses" that it's referencing Disney princesses, hypersexualised is accurate because they are already fairly sexualised in their normal state.

So hyper is an apt prefix in my opinion. Just say Australian land mammals. New Zealand has two native mammals, both of which are tiny bats rarely seen. I really just don't care.

If people want to stylize the Princesses it's whatever. I know I've done it. It's fun to do things like that as an artist. Hypersexualized disney princesses some artists like titties.

This thread got a little mean spirited for my taste. Personally I don't like the hypersexualization of the princesses but I do like the re-imaginings and princesses done in different styles.

An acquaintance of mine is the artist that did originally did the princesses in more accurate period costume she's done more characters Hypersexualized disney princesses then:.

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