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Andrew Walzer, Chair Barry A. Snell, Vice Chair Dr. Jeffery possesses over three decades of diverse higher education experience encompassing roles Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction professor, counselor, and administrator from arts and educational leadership education, to student services and Career Technical Education CTE.

She is a passionate advocate for higher education, and one who takes pride in a student-centered approach to leadership and decision-making. Throughout her career, she has championed the development of community college curriculum, programs, and services that promote student access, persistence, and success.

Prior to serving as president of SCC, Dr. Jeffery has comprehensive knowledge of community college-related issues, due in large part to her rich professional experience in academic and student affairs programs and services. She holds a Ph.

A lover of the arts especially music Dr. Jeffery is also a talented classical musician. Jeffery is very active on professional and community boards: The Medallion, also known as a Chain of Office, is customarily given to a new president at the time of investiture.

The Medallion is worn with presidential regalia during official ceremonies as a sign of authority, continuity, and allegiance to the institution. It is symbolic of the President s guardianship over the Mission and resources of the College. A Presidential Medallion "Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction" conferred on Dr. The company shifted its focus Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction represent commercial directors in the s.

By the s, the company opened an office in Los Angeles and moved into the production of television commercials. During his years as an executive producer, Stiefel served on both the east and west coast boards of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers. He is the only person to be elected twice to serve as the national president. Stiefel continued as executive producer and also produced a number of advertising sponsored television programs. Over the years, Stiefel produced short subject documentaries.

Inhe left RadicalMedia to direct a documentary based on his mother s life. The film also appeared in 30 international film festivals and was acquired by HBO.

He lives in Santa Monica with his wife BJ. His daughters Hannah and Sofie live nearby. The chronic pain prevented him from attending classes, so he accepted weekly packets of homework, determined not Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction let his illness impede him. Despite being set apart from his fellow students and with limited support from his teachers, he still graduated from high school.

John s lonely path of learning brought him to Santa Monica College. The first place he went was the Center for Students with Disabilities, where the kindest people on campus helped me figure out a way to make college work with my condition, he said. He finally felt part of a community He majored in philosophy, pursuing answers to the existential questions that had haunted him since his colitis began. He also made time to volunteer, even though balancing his condition with his classes was sometimes a challenge.

He is considering a law degree and a PhD in philosophy, to pursue an academic career that explores the intersections of the two. After serving in the Marine Corps, he had decent jobs, but all that would change when the Great Recession hit. For the first time sincehe found himself unemployed and unable to find work. Rayford enrolled at a career institute, but his successful completion meant little because the institute was not accredited.

He couldn t get a catalog at LA Trade Tech. So he came to Santa Monica College, where he got his catalog, which he took as a sign. Rayford was homeless at the time, and based on his 0. I was a little disheartened, says Rayford.

But he dug in. A year and a half later, inhe was on the Dean s list. SMC is the best thing that ever happened to me! He plans to establish a company to provide energy efficiency consulting services. As long as you don t give up on yourself, and wake up every day, you have a chance, says Rayford. She worked in an import and export company owned by her father s friend in China, for three years, like a robot.

She managed the entire process on her own, and, after one year, received her acceptance letter from Santa Monica College. She Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction it the most beautiful mistake she ever made in her life. There are three important things Micca says she learned at SMC: Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction would like to be a diplomat and build bridges between China and the U. She then spent two months in foster care before going home, and lost all her scholarships.

But she never gave up. Yet she sees life with hope and opportunity. Through this life experience, I learned strength and resiliency to never let anything beat me down.

If I can go days unable to sleep and under anxiety of my future, I can survive any assignment in college. At SMC, Isabel found a community that pushed Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction to succeed.

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My SMC "Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction" and counselors helped me believe in myself, she says. Isabel is dynamic and her enthusiasm is contagious, says English professor Mario Padilla. She will no doubt achieve all her goals because the centrifugal force of her energy is unstoppable.

Isabel graduates with an Associate degree in Communication and Media Studies. She plans to attend the University of Southern California as a communication major, and hopes to work in the entertainment and journalism field. She returned to Kenya during high school, and came back to the U.

Her mom encouraged her to attend SMC. I remember the first day, thinking this is a good decision. Tamara recalls the moment she decided to become a science major.

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I was watching National Geographic, and they were talking about the lotus effect and materials engineering, she says. I thought, I definitely need that in my life. She is a great inspiration and role model to future students. Tamara graduates with an Associate degree in General Science, and plans to major in chemical engineering at the University of California, San Diego. She hopes to work at the intersection of science and public policy.

Being a teenager was hard Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction, but being an immigrant with little English made everything worse. People would actually come up to me and tell me to go back where I came from, said Lily. Her father was deported to Guatemala, leaving her and her brother with their mother. To help support them, Lily worked as a secretary while attending South Gate High School, where she graduated in My counselor told me SMC was the best place for me to come and learn and practice my English, said Lily.

Coming here turned out to be the best choice I could make. Lily picked political science as her major to help me do what I like to do, which is helping others. I was able to go back to Guatemala Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction the first time and work with my community there, said Lily.

We were able to open the first library in our town. Lily plans to attend CSU Long Beach, where she will focus on global politics, political science, and international relations.

My dad was a pastor for a conservative Lutheran group. At 20, an older friend and mentor encouraged Matt to buy a house, not a new car. We pulled funds together every way we could to buy a house in Sylmar, he said. Matt worked in law enforcement for more than a decade and a half, but with disabilities, including vision problems, he decided to concentrate on real estate. The Great Recession hit.

Our properties lost their value, renters stopped paying the rents, we had bills we couldn t pay, he said. He relied on his faith to get through. Nothing can take my faith from me. Today, Matt manages several properties.

He is a stay-at-home dad to a teenager and twin tweens, and moving his mother into his home after his father s recent death. Leticia Montoya was really great in getting all this arranged, said Matt.


I m also really grateful to my counselor, Robin Ramsdell, who inspired me to move forward and persevere whenever I had my doubts. But the College has put its own unique musical stamp on commencement since by playing two pieces composed by SMC Music Professor Dr.

David Goodman one of which was written specifically for SMC. The text for this piece is an excerpt from Lord Byron s epic poem of Shervin molayem wife sexual dysfunction same name. Corsair, which means pirate in French, is the mascot of Santa Monica College. The most important centers of intellectual life in the 10th Century were the monasteries.

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