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Jay lowder homosexuality in christianity


Part one is about the choices we make and how one wrong decision can result in a lifetime of regret. A new episode about every 6 days averaging 18 mins duration. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right Jay lowder homosexuality in christianity. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet.

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What Jesus loved more than anything was hurting, lost people. God used the Jay lowder homosexuality in christianity uneducated, untrained, unlikely people. He can use you. Who are you really? What does your character say about you? God wants us to learn something from all of the disappointments in life.

How astute are Christians and...

Listen to be encouraged by Jay's message now. John chapter 4 tells of a woman that met Jesus at the well. This Jay lowder homosexuality in christianity with Christ changed her life and she returned to her city to tell the story. The whole city came out to meet Jesus and believed in Him because of her testimony. One of the most effective tools you have to share the gospel is your story, your testimony.

The fire will wane. God wants to use you, and here is how. We start our focus on evangelism with: Jay lowder homosexuality in christianity we doing our job of reaching out? Who better to reach the people in your circle than you? Jay Lowder talks about the why and the how. How are does it feel to be a one percenter?

The one percenter comes from being part of an outlaw club or gang. They are known to get into trouble. Listen as Jay Lowder shares what qualifies you as a one percenter. He tells the story of how at one point in time you may have wondered off from The Shepherd, but He will go out of His way to find you. Tolerance is the idea that all ideas and opinions deserve to be heard without being criticized, demeaned, or persecuted. As followers of Christ, we need to address it within our own life and within our church.

How astute are Christians and churches when it comes to dealing with the world around them? Can you relate, understand, and get on the level of non-believers and connect with them?

Jay Lowder, an evangelical Christian...

The greatest fisherman on the planet talks with Jay about his story of faith, family, and fish. Every person that is a follower of Christ should be engaged in reaching other people. They should be focused and have a passion for other people. Part four is about getting your crosshairs aimed at the right target. Part three is about following the path that is laid out before us. Part two is about the things in life that can distract us from our ultimate goal.