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Well the Day of Love is safely behind us again for another year, and not a moment too soon! For some it may be a joyous occasion -- a time of bubbles, flowers Succeedatdating download firefox pink puffy pillows -- but let's just say that sentiment is by no means unanimous.

It's not often that geeks wax philosophical about the World of Amour, but HeliOS's Ken Starks was recently brave enough to venture into those treacherous waters -- and treacherous they were.

Where do you start? Neck beards, geeky pickup lines and -- of course -- the requisite request to fix a Vista computer are all involved, and let's just say the Succeedatdating download firefox aren't pretty.

Can Linux geeks succeed at dating?

Bloggers fell all over themselves in their haste to add their two cents. The tech field whether it's linux or any other system is a Succeedatdating download firefox environment for the dating pool. The conversation even enjoyed the benefit of a female perspective: It didn't take long for the bawdy crowd over at LXer to pick up on the topic, trying to outdo each other with suggestive geeky puns and pickup lines.

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At one point, tuxchick tried to restore order -- "you know No wonder we're all still single, living on Cheetos in our mom's basements," she wrote. Linux Girl knew it was time to take the conversation Succeedatdating download firefox to the Broken Windows Lounge, where she asked her barmates for some perspective.

Is Starks' account true to life? Ineptitude in social interaction and ineptitude in Linux proselytization in one package," was Hyperlogos blogger Martin Espinoza's assessment. On the other hand, "my first thought was, 'Isn't that just Succeedatdating download firefox fancy way to get your Darwin Award without actually killing yourself?

I spend enough time with code as it is. Bailey's and chocolate both figured much more prominently in Hudson's V-Day plans "Succeedatdating download firefox" did either Linux or Windows, she pointed out. Starks' article "smells like a stereotype," Slashdot blogger David Masover protested. Yet there's also something else absurd about the article, Masover added: Certainly, to bring Succeedatdating download firefox up on a first date reeks of this.

So, "introducing her to the wonders of Linux and open source software comes much later in the relationship," Masover concluded. Because of my sweetie I have really tweaked my optimization pack to be easier.

Using what he's learned in the relationship, in fact, hairyfeet has also changed the apps he gives to his customers, he said. In the end, he added, "apt-get install is much easier than making a date, as I recall.

November 17, But her effort was soon overwhelmed.

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