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Begging song lyrics


The first time I heard this song in my church I think around MayI was seriously moved and I was touched really. To God be the Glory for ever Amen!

Knew this song as a kid singing in the choir where my father pastored. My experience with God through this Begging song lyrics came when I was sick and dying. It got to a stage that my parents were just helpless.

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It was in the midst of that darkness that God brought this hymn and Begging song lyrics one to my heart and I both sang and hummed it. Suddenly a revelation of Jesus got to me and I knew that I would not die but live; and I was healed and got back to school the next week.

After more than thirty years, now as a pastor I am meditating and preparing a sermon and this hymn was whispered to me.

I simply googled to find it. So, I expect the move of God when this hymn is sung and I preach on the coming of Jesus into the lives of people. Our great God has a great hymn here!

I first heard this sung in church 70 years by my Uncle, and as a young Christian I was deeply moved. Hearing this song for the first Begging song lyrics sung by a senior client as she laid in bed recovering from minor hospital surgery.

The preacher sang it just before the sermon.

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Lister Rolloff, I think, sang it and my mother also taught it to me. It's been one of my favorites for many years. My dad was a singer at home and church. This song has had a place in my heart for 50 years!

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It comes to mind often, ministered to my broken, wounded heart in the early nineties, and I hope to share it with the ladies in jail church today. Smith authored 35 books, which have been translated into more than languages. He has also written approximately 1, hymns, poems and gospel songs.

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Arriving in Woodstock, Ontario, one day in the yearI was invited to preach one Sunday morning in the largest Methodist Church in that city. As I walked along the street on my way to the church, the melody of this hymn suddenly sang itself into my heart and with it these words.

I can still recall the joy and buoyancy of youth, the bright sunshine overhead, and the thrill with which I looked forward to my Begging song lyrics that Sunday morning as again and again I hummed over the words.

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