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Undergraduate Full time Part time. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Met online on POF, dating for 5-months - his profile Pof forums down as online today watch. Start new discussion Closed. Hello I'll try and keep this brief but would be grateful for you some advice guys I met this guy online on plenty of fish back in November, and so we have been going out since then approx 5-months. We have a great time and get on well, and I really like him.

We Pof forums down to see each other exclusively - I brought this up when we first starting having sex as I didn't really like the idea of sleeping and being intimate with someone who was also sleeping with or seeing other people. This wasn't really a big deal to be honest as I just brought it up casually and he agreed that he didn't think that was ok either We see each other about twice per week. I haven't really brought up 'defining the relationship' or anything like that because I just wanted things to progress "Pof forums down." I haven't logged onto my plenty of fish pof account in months - although I haven't deleted it, I don't use it and havent logged on.

I went and just searched for him the other day just by putting in details rather than logging in as I was going to get him a gift which was related to something in his profile and I wanted to check this. Anyways - it basically came up with him showing as 'online today.

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Essentially as long as you have the mobile app installed, it can show online whenever you are connected to a wifi or data connection. Pof forums down use the desktop app but I think he has it on his phone Now, its his birthday this weekend which is why I was sorting out the gift and am also planning a nice evening with him on Sat for his birthday.

I'm abit anxious by seeing this and I really didn't think he was looking to date anyone else - I don't have any reason to distrust him though.

We message regularly and know what each other are up to so I don't think he is seeing anyone else. I guess I'm just looking for abit of advice on what to do? Whether to bring this up? Or how to casually address it? I don't like the idea of him 'shopping around' after we have been together for 5-months exclusively - but also don't want to be paranoid if its just an honest mistake as I don't have any reason to doubt him Pof forums down Thanks.

Follow 2 The most Pof forums down can get is the truth or a lie, but at least it's down for the record. This is where being ina relationship starts, building or losing trust. Dunno what else to say other than keep an extra eye out. That is proper suspect though NOT gonna lie lol.

Did they shut down? I...

I'm getting rather worried now I don't feel he was using me or anything like that - why would you be together for 5-months if so Also he is about older - he's 32 and I'm 28 so I'd hope he isn't just messing me around Anyone else? Follow 4 Original post by Anonymous I'm getting rather worried now I don't feel he was using me or anything like that - why would you be together for 5-months if so Also he is about older - he's 32 and I'm 28 so I'd hope he isn't just messing me around Anyone else?

He seems quite settled and normal. I wouldn't be dating someone for that long if I felt there was some sort of midlife crisis going on Anyone else have any advice? Its his birthday this weekend. Since I don't even log in to mine.

Follow 6 Pof forums down post by Anonymous He seems quite settled and normal. I'm not doing that. That is trying to trap someone and isn't the way Pof forums down go about it really Also, I do trust this guy - he has not given me any reason not to trust him.

Which is why I'm confused that it would be still showing as 'online today' I hope I'm not just being naive. Follow 8 Original post by Anonymous I'm not doing that. Original post by David B You asked for advice and what I suggested would give you piece of mind. He only gives you a reason not to trust him when he actually does something.

That is up to you whether you'll just wait until this 'may' or 'may not' happen. There was no purpose to this thread if you weren't going to do anything. As doing what I did or confronting "Pof forums down" about it is still showing your lack of trust regardless.

Follow 10 Original post by Anonymous Sorry. Yes thank you for the advice - you are right about it showing a lack of trust on my part. Then I could ask him if he still has his up and if he would take it down as well.

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I don't think 5-months is too soon to consider doing that really. If he is hesitant or doesn't want to do this, then that is a red flag I don't like the idea of people shopping around if you are seeing someone exclusively. And I've made that clear earlier to be honest Do you think it could just be an app related thing? Or people who get notifications and it shows them as being online? I have the desktop so have to physically log in if I wanted to check.

Follow 11 I think it's a bit weird that yous both still have an account if you have something going on, 'defined' relationship or not. That said, if he is messing Pof forums down and you collar him I can almost guarantee that he will use this relationship Pof forums down being 'defined' as a cop-out clause.

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