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Ptcgo matchmaking


So about a month ago I started keeping track of who, Ptcgo matchmaking to the algorithm, had the advantage in each of the matches I played.

So, generally speaking, we can pretty much say that the algorithm is fairly accurate in assigning advantage. But how does it know? How does it determine who the better player is? Inbuilding these decks, I do not include energy. Ptcgo matchmaking build them completely to just get pokemon out.

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I have no intention — or possibility — of winning the match … and yet the algorithm still tags me with the advantage. A couple of examples: I was 5 and 2 against Volcanion in matches where my opponent Ptcgo matchmaking given the advantage when playing my Yveltal deck.

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I think most of us would agree the Yveltal Garbodor is a tough matchup for Volcanion, and Yveltal should have been given the advantage.

In Yveltal mirror matches where I had the advantage, I was 1 and 4. I was 5 and 1 in Greninja mirror Ptcgo matchmaking in which my opponent had the advantage.

Tanure13 and bbninjas like this. With zero evidence to back up my claims, but some programming knowledge and awareness of the competency of the client devs, I would say the simplest solution is the most likely. How about this though? All players are tied to a monthly ladder you can go see your points so far this month by several subcategories over on the main websiteso I expect you are paired off with Ptcgo matchmaking based on your position on this ladder combined with some kind of "recent form" tally.

Player reports seem to back this up as you wade out of a sea of terrible decks to climb into a sea of tougher, more Ptcgo matchmaking decks the more you win. So my expectation then, is Ptcgo matchmaking your advantage is as simple as whether you are on the rise or on the fall.

If it's someone significantly higher than you, they get the advantage, if it's lower, then you do. What would be interesting would be to find someone sitting at the very upper limit, and see if they had a much lower percentage of games where the opponent had the advantage.

In theory, someone at the very top of the stack could only ever face people below them. But I doubt that's how it's done. Simple random generating is much easier and therefore much more likely. Disappointing but far more probable. YogJan 3, I agree, it probably simply looks at my win pct. I was just wondering if it maybe takes your most recent games into account say your last 10 or 20 matches as well as all the matches you've played overall.

Or any other factors, it's just a big mystery Otaku The wise fool? OtakuJan 4, Agreed, I played the same person twice last night and I only played about a dozen matches.

So that makes me think that it seeks out players who are of your approximate skill level, but my stats have shown that this isn't really the case, that it assigns neither player the advantage the smallest percentage of the time. This just gets murkier and murkier. The Binder Guy Aspiring Trainer.

Ptcgo matchmaking only issue is that these, as far as Ptcgo matchmaking know, only Ptcgo matchmaking VS mode. Tournament mode is largely unknown, but due to the small player Ptcgo matchmaking for each tournament, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a pairing system for it which, ironically enough, goes against the TCGO staff's dream of making it as life-like as possible.

The Binder GuyJan 5, Wow I hadn't even thought Ptcgo matchmaking that Binder Guy. Yes, clearly there's got to be more randomness with tournaments, and I do feel that the level of competition I play in some tournament matches is less than what I would face on the versus ladder.

Excellent point, thanks for finding another piece to this puzzle! So after musing about this, and I think Yog is right. What we know is that when you click the Play button, you get put into a queue. The queue you're put in Ptcgo matchmaking on the number of games you've played.

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