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Ww5 simulation dating


This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tue, December 4 4: Desperate Endeavors is an interactive visual novel featuring romance, drama and horror! The game features random events, Easter eggs and a wealth of hidden content providing multiple unique play-throughs where your decisions really, truly matter!

Rated for a Mature Audience. Collect multiple Postcards to unlock special bonus scenes! We've spiced up the traditional rhythm of visual novel games by adding a variety of mini games that allow you to hone your romance abilities while Ww5 simulation dating coins for in-app purchases. This game features gore- however, we don't believe in adding gore simply for the sake of gore. Horror games should horrify.

However, it will include in-app Ww5 simulation dating that allow you to unlock special bonus content. You've just landed your first big role as the new hottest member of the hit series: As an actor, you'll play the role of a teenage half-demon attending Oakland Learning Center Ww5 simulation dating Troubled Youth.

The show hosts a variety of other supernatural teens, portrayed by your fellow charming cast members:. However, along the way unforeseeable events will thrust you and your new friends into a desperate endeavor to survive; where the truth about your fellow actors will come to light.

I wish to continue working on horror games and to one day publish my own graphic novels. Just kidding, that'll be our next project.

These rewards are for you! Thank you for supporting the creation of Desperate Endeavors. You'll receive a 6" x 4" inch postcard featuring Desperate Endeavor's Kickstarter cover-art signed on the back by our production team! Desperate Endeavors Ww5 simulation dating Sticker Set! Desperate Endeavors 5 Pin Set! Our button pins are 1. Would you like Prince, Buddy, Lucy, Willy or Shiloh to send you a special care package full of personalized, limited-edition "Ww5 simulation dating" Including snacks, love letters from your favorite stud and more?

Each Care Package will be tailored to you and will follow a theme based on the character of your choice. We've noticed a lot of game-based Kickstarters lack quality physical rewards for their backers.