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Home Overview History Download. In an effort to count the number of items in the file, it was not repositioning the file pointer correctly for JPEGSheriff crc files. Opening files under Windows 9x. In an effort to open more shared files, I used a flag only supported by Windows NT which failed under Windows 9x. Speed dating sfv file GUI to include graphics representing good and bad files.

Also displays current totals while processing. QuickSFV now uses sortable columns so you can resize them to see the information you need. Increased processing speed by up to 2x. New disk access routines and other optimizations produced almost double Speed dating sfv file processing speed. Increases are for both creating. SFV files and verifying them. Added a Menu to allow opening of other. SFV files from the main window. INI file to hide the menu.

Added an expiration function for the Previous Verified DB. INI setting allowing you to specify the maximum date of the DB before assuming it is old and reverifying Speed dating sfv file of the files.

It defaults to no expiration, but you can specify it in days, hours minutes and seconds. The Last Verified Time is always written to the. This means that your expire time needs to elapse from the LAST time you verified it.

Not the first time. If your expire time is set to 5 days, but you verify the. SFV every day, your DB will never expire. SFV before the DB would be considered expired. Added ability to add subdirectories into the.

This will include all files in the selected subdirectory AND all files and subdirectories below it. Added right-click menu option to automatically select all bad files. This can then be used to COPY all the bad filenames to the clipboard. Added right-click menu option to delete selected files. Added right-click menu option to remove all Previously Verified DB info from the current.

Added logic that detects when a file is newer than the last time the. Added ability to 'Skip All' when creating. SFV files when selected files are unable to be opened.

Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause QuickSFV to crash while verifying zero-length files. Fixed a bug in the installer that could report a successful install of QuickSFV even though some of the files may not have copied due to Speed dating sfv file already running in memory.

Added an about screen to the system menu of QuickSFV. The about screen does not exist in the Verify Individual File window's system menu. This was done to keep the size of the DLL down. Changed the Verify Individual File system to look for each filename in all of the existing. CKZ files in the same directory.

SFV file if it had the same filename as the selected file. Fixed a bug that caused QuickSFV to crash when creating a. SFV file with files that have no extension. Corrected an issue where QuickSFV would place the files in the. SFV in the order that they were given by Windows Explorer instead of by alphabetical order. Fixed a reporting bug when verifying.

Simple File Verification (SFV) files...

The file is now considered to be "Bad". Corrected an issue where QuickSFV will now add the. SFV file extension if no extension is given during. Added the ability to verify individual files from the Windows Explorer interface, bypassing the Previously Verified Database that might exist in the related. SFV file of each individual file selected.

Just select one or more files you wish to verify, then right click and select the 'Verify Individual Files' option. QuickSFV will Speed dating sfv file to locate the related. SFV file of each file chosen and verify the file. Added an INI setting for the default. This setting will override QuickSFV's suggestion for the. SFV filename based on the files selected.

Added an INI setting to bypass the 'Done' dialog at the end of creating a. If this setting is Speed dating sfv file or does not exist, QuickSFV will show the notice.

This setting is persistent across multiple. QuickSFV now remembers the last window position it was in and restores that the next time it is launched.

File Joiner allows you to...

Added a progress bar in the. SFV File Creation status window to indicate the progress of the current file.

File usage

Enhanced speed on some multi-processor systems. Previous versions would continue to verify the file until it reached the end of the file.

Previous versions would continue processing until it reached the end of the current file. A unique signature is now recorded within the Previously Checked Files database to keep track of whether the database was created by the current user or a different user. Speed dating sfv file signature is simply a random number and contains no specific information to the machine it is running on.

It is generated during install or if the corresponding INI setting is missing. Upgrading will maintain this signature as long as you install to the same folder as the existing version of QuickSFV. Uninstalling QuickSFV will erase the signature. QuickSFV now has a command-line option for sending the results of the verify process to a text file.

The option's format is: If this file already exists, it will be overwritten without warning. You can enclose the filename in quotes if you have spaces in your filename. To Speed dating sfv file an SFV and send the results to a text file, you can use something like: Added an UpdateDB configuration option. The option is stored in QuickSFV. Added a new installation dialog allowing users to not install the Shell Extension or not update the Previously Checked database during install.

Dance or at least try...

After verifying files, you can now select lines in the QuickSFV window and use CTRL-C to copy the filenames to the clipboard as text to be pasted into other applications. A small bug was fixed when the last line of an. The "Previously Checked Files" database would be tacked on to the end of that line instead of on a line by itself.

SFV File" menu option does not appear now when you right- click on an. This was done to keep the menu clutter down. Fixed a stack overflow bug in shell extension Speed dating sfv file Windows Installation now checks for newer versions of the files already installed in the selected destination directory and asks if you want Speed dating sfv file keep them or install over them.

QuickSFV now allows you to create. Just select the files you wish to include in the.

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SFV file, right-click on them and choose 'Create. It will ask you for the. The default name Speed dating sfv file be the first file name but with the extension switched to. QuickSFV now remembers which files in an. SFV file have been successfully verified and does not check them on subsequent checks. You can override this functionality by right-clicking on the. This functionality only works with. QuickSFV Installation now gives the end user a choice of installation directories.

It defaults to your current Windows Program Files directory. Previous versions were reporting missing files as 'bad' instead of 'missing'. Now reports version number at the top of the list. Fixed spaces in filenames.

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