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Jessicka havok and sami callihan dating


Discussion in ' Wrestling forum ' started by Essence4uAug 24, This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Oct 17, Here is Khali's wife if you havnt seen her Big Show has a black baby somewhere Why would the wrestlers' wives be upset about Shane O Mac?

I have some questions to ask I Jessicka havok and sami callihan dating bite Also. I think people need to leave Jessicka havok and sami callihan dating Orton alone now To those who lurk, read and sip. One is a younger version of the other and I think they have the same last name Now back to the tea: What happened with Nikki Roxx?

Where is Sojourner Bolt? Big fan of underrated Mercedes Martinez she was one of V Skys trainers but i guess she wasnt paying attention in class however, never understood why she never made an effort to get signed by a major Why did Angelina Love leave TNA?

Was it really over immigration issues? Oct 18, The Perez girls aren't related. TNA probably wasn't paying Roxx shit and didn't have any plans for her, so she focused on her fitness thing with Rain. I also believe that she knows what she's worth so TNA's chump change might not be enough for her, even less so now that she's moved to Florida and married her girlfriend.

She recently stated in an interview Jessicka havok and sami callihan dating she wants to continue to wrestle and become SHIMMER champion someday for a couple years but after that she's out of wrestling, a trainer position like Del Rey doesn't interest her.

Angelina possibly has some attitude problems. Deeb was really down after her WWE dismissal, then she went to Japan and got her passion for wrestling back.

Late she had a major concussion and sat out over a year and doctors advised her to never wrestle again.

I only just found out...

During that time she was arrested for boating under the influence topless. She's in much better physical shape now than during her SES days maybe she'll get another shot in the future if she can keep her drinking down, she also is one of those girls that would be interested working for TNA, in fact she did wrestle in their QotK tournament so maybe there is something in the works, god knows TNA needs new knockouts.

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