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Dating a nepalese guy


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I'm an American girl in love with a Nepali man?

I am a 20 year old American girl and my Dating a nepalese guy is a 23 year old Nepali man. He is here in the US for college and has decided that he wants to stay here to live. He has a great job with his college degree and also Dating a nepalese guy here with his family Older brother, sister in law, and his niece who moved here from Nepal He has a great job with his college degree and also lives here with his family Older brother, sister in law, and his niece who moved here from Nepal.

His parents are still over in Nepal. My boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 3 year this June. We have been talking about living together and getting married since year 1 but since i still live with my parents and was in high school I am in college now it was not favorable.

He went back home last year for Christmas and New Years to Nepal. He told his parents about me but just recently past week his parents have told him that he should not be with me and that they think he should move back home to marry a Nepali girl. He says he doesn't want to move back home or break up with me, but he doesn't want to disappoint his parents.

Ive never met his parents before but i know his family who Dating a nepalese guy here very well. I don't want to lose him. I love him so much and he is my best friend. My boyfriend says that he is going to ask his parents if they would except our relationship. Recently he has not been texting or calling me very much and hasn't been telling me he loves me or showing me affection as much as he used too.

He says its because he feels like he is disobeying his parents. I don't know what to do. I'm at a loss here. Most Americans wont know much about this but i need some help.

Maybe from someone from Nepal.

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Well, I am a Nepalese guy and I very much understand the situation you are in. Nepalese parents are very insistent on marrying someone their own race.

They usually don't allow their son to marry someone of different culture. I know, its very stupid. I am kind of facing a similar problem. I don't think there is much you can do in this situation. If you ever get a chance to talk to his parent, act very traditional and it'd be best if "Dating a nepalese guy" wore nepali clothes sari or something.

I do not want to scare you but your boyfriend will need to be very convincing and persistent about you. It will take time, but it might work. However, your boyfriend might need to pretty much abandon his parents if he is unable to convince them and still wants to be with you. This Site Might Help You. He has Dating a nepalese guy great job with his college degree and also lives here with his family Older brother, sister in law, and his niece who moved I am a Nepali guy living in the USA for past 8 years.

I can understand your situation and the situation of your BF Poor fellow, I am much worried about him then you Like Lola and Judith said below, just do that Simply do that and you will be fine Nepalese are very much against divorce and take Western culture not acceptable because of that.

Likewise, we worship cow, so you better stop eating beef if you want to be impressive. Visit Nepal, and try to spend some time with your bf's parents. Be traditional as much as you can. There is a strict code of conduct what a female is supposed to do.

Hey, that is what the culture is in Nepal Sex before marriage is taboo in Nepal, so try not to share room with your bf when you visit Nepal Try to learn their culture, specially how woman should behave, and follow that. You will be fine Nepalese man are single woman man As I said, learn what a Dating a nepalese guy is Dating a nepalese guy to do and what she is not supposed to do and follow them I know this question has been posted years ago but it may help someone out.

I am a white female in a relationship with a Nepalese man. I'm 20 and he's We have been together for over a year and his parents and brother are very accepting of me and treat me as part of the family.

In the beginning of our relationship he definetly had to make them understand because our relationship Dating a nepalese guy not typical. So it definetly depends on the family, I am lucky to b apart of my boyfriends family. The Nepalese culture is definetly different from what I was raised. Family is very important and Dating a nepalese guy Nepalese culture children do not leave their parents.

Parents, children and their spouses all live together in one house. Parents come first and always be very respectful and family oriented. Hello, I am an American Girl married to a Nepali guy. I have been with my husband for 7 years this December. We got together about at the age of We met in college and and he asked me out and I said yes. He truly is the love of my life. My mother-in-law Muwa is very sweet and has showered me with my gifts tilhair Dating a nepalese guy wedding sari.

My father-in-law which i call him "coach" is super sweet and comes often to visit us. I must tell you being with someone from another culture can be difficult and it is a journey. I am a little different than most Americans. I am a strict vegetarian since birth and practically vegan which I must tell you is a plus. Eating cow is very against their religion. Learn to celebrate dashian and tihar. I am super open to culture and changes.

To impress your in-laws go to college and succeed. I have completed my Masters and now working on my doctorate. Also the biggest thing my in-laws were worried about is the American Divorce culture. They were afraid of divorce and didn't want that for their son. Which also a plus in my family is but of 2 people I can think of divorced and they are distant relatives. Dating a nepalese guy it makes a difference of where your in-laws are in Nepal.

If they live in Kathmandu usually people are a little more open to outsiders. If they live in the village it can be difficult, culture is usually more strict. Also truly depends on the cast. I am speaking out like this I know it is bad to all the Nepali people reading this but if your husband is from the Bahun cast for example it is super important NOT to eat meat.

As a white Western woman...

Also learning the language is very important. I have been learning it for over 6 years and I must say it is difficult to learn because of the sequencing of sentences is different than ours and I still get Dating a nepalese guy and ho mixed up at the end of sentences occasionally. And finally, if he truly loves you and wants to be with you he will be. Nepali men are determined to be with the person they want. A plus side, be skinny, be kind, learn the language, when your around his friends or family or other "Dating a nepalese guy" people just try not to speak to much, smile regularly around people and just node when spoken to.

I know this sounds like your are going back in time a few centuries but your better off than making anyone mad. If you have any further questions just ask. I probably can answer them. Bless you X Nepal is a very wonderful and peaceful place and I am sure his parents are very anxious too worried about his American girlfriend, This can not be helped they live very simple lives and we live complex lives.

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Could you save money and go and visit with your boyfriend, This I am sure once they Dating a nepalese guy met you and see that you both respect and nurture each other fully will fade there image of western women or at least you. I am sorry to hear that he is becoming distant, give him time and do not push him, be there for him in a way that shows that his parents are misinformed.

It is a very nice way to live out there, have you thought about maybe growing old together out there? I personally would love the chance!!

Anyone who's dating or in a relationship should visit this website. Enter a. If a Dating a nepalese guy boy falls in love with you, he won't care if you're a foreigner or not.

Yes. Well, I am a Nepalese guy and I very much understand the situation you are in. Nepalese parents are very insistent on marrying someone their. The man or the guys who are rich can easily date with many girls in Nepal because they mostly demand money in any steps and conditions. Money is their first.

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