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Maria Nilza "Mara" Viana. Big Brother Brasil commonly abbreviated to BBB is the Brazilian version of the Big Brother reality franchised television show based on the original Dutch television series of the same namethat was created in by John de Mol. It is the third one with more finished seasons only after the American and Spanish versions and the only one with 15 years of uninterrupted annual transmission in the same channels and by the same presenter.

The show is based on a group of strangers, known as housemates, living together twenty-four hours a day in the "Big Brother" house, isolated from the outside world primarily from mass mediasuch as newspapers, telephones, television and the internet while having all their steps followed by cameras around-the-clock, with no privacy for three months.

The housemates compete for the chance to win the grand prize by avoiding weekly eviction, until the last housemate remains at Amanda ex bbb no faustao dating end of the season that can claim the grand prize.

The show's current host is journalist Tiago Leifert. Rede Globo 's website and a Globo-owned pay-per-view channel offer round-the-clock coverage. The fifth and seventh seasons were "Amanda ex bbb no faustao dating" most popular seasons. The four can be considered the most successful contestants of the show, although none of them have won the show.

The only successful show winner is Jean Wyllyswho has been pursuing a quite successful political career since having won the fifth season. The tenth season of the show had the biggest participation in the world of callings at the final, reaching over million votes.

The house is considered by most Big Brother Specialists as the biggest and most extravagant house of all Big Brothers.

On the night of the Live Launch several members of the public, who have passed through several audition processes, enter the House to become Housemates of the Big Brother House.

Once inside the house the Housemates will live together and have no contact with the outside world. After each eviction except the first weekhousemates compete to become the "Head of Household", by winning a weekly physical endurance challenge, based on a specific skill, a general knowledge quiz or, even sometimes through a luck event. The HoH receives perks such as their own private bedroom, photos or gifts from home, and maid service.

The HoH is awarded immunity from the week's nomination except in the fifteenth and sixteenth seasons where instead the HoH won a cash prize and also has the Amanda ex bbb no faustao dating to directly nominates one housemate for eviction, in addition, the HoH is the tiebreaker for the house's nomination vote.

Although one housemate normally retains the Leader rewards and responsibilities for the week, exceptions have occurred. In a "double eviction" week, the first HoH only reigns for a short period between an hour and three days while the second HoH reigns for the rest of the week. When this occurs, the first HoH is normally not provided the benefits such as the use of the "HoH Room".

Another exception is when two housemates share a HoH, such as in the third week of the sixth season and in the first week of the seventh season. It is common that the Leader during the week of Carnaval is allowed to go to the Samba school parades or go to Salvador during the Brazilian carnival week.

In the third season"Amanda ex bbb no faustao dating" weekly "Power of Immunity" is introduced and determined.

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This housemate may choose any other housemate to protect from facing the eviction. However, in the seventh seasonanother selected house mate was given the "Power of Veto" to nullify the saving power. Since the eighth seasonPower of Immunity winner was also given a bad side, where that housemate, besides protecting someone from elimination, must "punish" one or more contestants, obliging them to do an unpleasing task or forbidding them to go to the party.

On Sundays, a competition allow the housemates to win food until the fourth season or estalecas from the fifth season ownwards for the week. Most competitions are games of skill, although the housemates may work individually, in teams, or as one group.

Each contestant has their own credit card with a set amount of Estalecas. Contestants may use their currency to purchase needs for the house, such as food, rent items for personal use, Amanda ex bbb no faustao dating as hairdryer, or even purchase luxury items, like a helicopter ride. The winners of the week's Estaleca competition earn the right to do all the shopping, choosing what the entire house will eat for the upcoming week. As in the real stock marketthe Estalecas can suffer some speculative attacks and thus the value of the groceries may inflate or deflate.

First the PoI winner and HoH nominate their choices for their respective abilities. Then, each one of the remaining contestants go into the Diary Room, and vote on the contestant they wish to face an elimination match. The highest voted contestant is sent to the elimination match to face the person nominated by the HoH and an audience poll starts either by telephone, SMS or Internet to pick which of the two or three contestants shall be eliminated. On Eviction Night, the poll result is shown and the highest voted housemate is eliminated and evicted from the house.

The evicted housemate must to get ready to leave immediately. Amanda ex bbb no faustao dating

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