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Legends of chima wolf speed dating


Windra is a Legends of Chima wolf minifigure released in She is the wolves mechanic and has appeared in a minor role in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and is a playable character in Laval's Journey.

Worriz has a crush on her, but she clearly doesn't like him back. She appears to always be moody and violent. Legends of chima wolf speed dating was the first wolf affected by the last hundred year moon phenomenon, having it control her three nights before its full effect. Windra was present when Crooler came to the wolves offering to destroy the pledge of the pack in exchange for helping her steal the Chi. During the race, Windra became part of the mob that fought outside the lion temple.

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She later piloted the Wolf Copter to where Worriz was battling Cragger and Laval and provided him with an escape route. Cragger however grabbed on as the flying vehicle took off and Windra was forced to stomp on his hand until he fell.

While the wolves were at large, Windra served as a scout to monitor the lion's activities and was on duty when they repaired their wall using ShadoWind's orb of Golden Chi. The next day she was part of the ambush party that attacked the lions while transporting the bear's Chi.

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