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Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending black


The artwork is gorgeous, sprites and CGs alike. However, to be blunt, the grinding was nearly intolerable for me. To get the best ending with a character and honestly, why would you settle for less?

The only game that gives Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending black anywhere near a respectable sum of money is the matching game, and even this averages out at a little over dollars per play. So, before even bothering to talk to the character I wanted to romance, I sat and played a matching game over and over again. The protagonist, Soffie, was a singing prodigy until she became mute at age 5. She drank a potion that she was told would give back her voice, but instead transported her into the Dream World.

If she does not, she is trapped in the world forever. The mechanics of the game are conventional for a dating sim. Angel is trapped in the dream world after falling sick with a broken heart. She grows somewhat shy at the prospect of entering a relationship with Soffie, but in the best ending will end up in a relationship with her in the real world. Gage is initially very confrontative with Soffie, repeatedly telling her to leave so he can concentrate on his art. Eventually he seems to warm to her, even asking her questions about herself.

By the end of the route, though, Gage is actually pretty sweet towards the protagonist. When you meet Cero, he is cursed into the form of a mushroom.

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After Soffie helps him return to his human form, he is very appreciative and offers her favors in return. Like Gage, Cero likes to paint, but he is here solely for inspiration rather than for some tragic reason like everyone else. Honestly, Cero seemed pretty boring to me, although I think I liked his character art the best. Download Link and Walkthrough. This game is definitely heavier than a lot of visual novels, with some seriously dark scenes and endings. At first, the story line is very confusing and potentially frustrating, but if you stick with it and play through more endings you will begin to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, which is actually pretty satisfying.

If you can deal with those potential downsides, though, I recommend the game highly. Given that the game is free, though, Doppelganger is a fantastic find. If you can stomach the material I cover in the warning, be sure to check it out although maybe not right before you go to sleep. The premise of the game is that the protagonist, Lucia, is a student at the prestigious Valudeto high school.

Although most of the students are rich, she is not very well off, and she is bullied by some of the other students. Soon after, "Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending black" occurrences start taking place and Lucia is left attempting to fit the fragments of information together. The story revolves around Lucia attempting to understand what is happening in her town, and save herself and others from their grim fates.

As I said, the game has some seriously dark material. There Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending black descriptions and depictions of both murder and suicide, which are pretty graphic. There are also mentions of rape, abuse, bullying, and all sorts of horrible things of that ilk. Lee and Lucia have been very close friends since middle school, and he has had a crush on her for years.

Lucia often seems to talk to Lee for comfort, and he is constantly looking out for her.

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Raphael is the captain of the basketball club, and is a very talented player. Raphael is a kind and friendly person, which has "Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending black" him some popularity in the school.

On his route, he is very kind to Lucia, accompanying her to the cafe when she gets lost and cheering her up after her visit to Anastasia. Rafael does follow part of the typical athletic type route and become injured, keeping him from playing basketball, although the unique plot of the game obviously causes some divergence from any normal arc.

Raphael does actually have a romantic route, including a kissing CG! However, like most friendly type characters, he is not a hard-working student and often sleeps through class.

Unlike most friendly type characters, Blake is not actually warm to the protagonist immediately, given his exhausted demeanor.

The original Kaleidoscope!

However, very soon after they actually start talking, he reveals that he is actually a kind and considerate person for example, hanging up and recalling Lucia so as not to waste her minutes on the phone. In fact, he may even be persuaded to help out with much more serious matters if he is pursued. He actually seems kind of shy in general, and even a little bit awkward. It was interesting how three-dimensional Blake seemed, and I enjoyed watching his relationship with Lucia develop.

Neo is such "Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending black" mysterious type character that even revealing his name is slightly spoilery. Neo hides basically everything about himself from Lucia and many of the other characters, at least initially.

Although he does act in a friendly and even kind way towards her, he actively avoids any questions about himself and even teases the protagonist about how much she does not know.

However, after he decides that he can trust Lucia and partners up with her, he begins to reveal more about himself and the information he knows. Also, his romantic CG is so cute it killed me.

My Teacher is a visual novel by Seraphim Entertainment and Voiceiyuu. This game is relatively short, so the development of the romanceable characters seems a little unrealistic given the short timeframe of the game.

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