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Water, fuel systems maintenance work around clock to keep up flow. Water and Fuels maintained for mission.

(Don't ask about Base Three)...

Installs, inspects, maintains, troubleshoots, modifies, repairs, and manages plumbing, water distribution, wastewater collection systems, water and wastewater treatment systems, fire suppression, backflow prevention systems, natural gas distribution systems, liquid fuel storage, distribution, and dispensing systems.

Complies with environmental and safety regulations. Installs, and operates natural gas, plumbing, water and wastewater treatment systems, fire suppression, backflow prevention systems, aircraft hydrant refueling, bulk storage, and ground product dispensing systems. Monitors systems operation to ensure efficiency and compliance with local state, federal and DoD regulations for safety and environmental regulations 3e4x1 bases of dating hazardous materials.

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Installs and operates field potable water treatment equipment. Maintains, inspects, and repairs natural gas, swimming pools, plumbing, water and wastewater treatment systems, fire suppression, and backflow prevention assembly and program.

Performs inspection, recurring maintenance, winterize, and overhaul systems. Inspects condition and operation of electrical components such as motors, disconnect switches, contacts, solenoids, relays, alarms, cathodic protection systems and programmable logic controls. Conducts fuel system components, and performs pressure testing and maintenance on fuel system piping. Performs confined space entries to accomplish system maintenance.

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Solves complex maintenance problems by studying layout drawings, wiring diagrams, and schematics to analyze, isolate and troubleshoot system malfunctions.

Removes, repairs, and replaces defective components. Locates and taps main lines, sets up system routes, places and cuts route openings, places hangers for proper level and 3e4x1 bases of dating, and determines and installs valves, traps, and unions as needed for proper operation of a variety of systems and equipment.

Develops and establishes operation and maintenance procedures to ensure maximum efficiency. Locates and determines quality and quantity of water sources. Coordinates locations of field latrines and pits with engineering and medical staff.