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Brie bella one armed vs summer rae dating


Brie wants every single detail to be perfect, including how they kiss. Summer Rae stops by Eva Marie 's hotel room and is in need of some major cheering up.

Summer Rae explains how every time she gets out of a relationship, it's always the girl after her who ends up getting a ring on it. It doesn't help that she just turned 30 and is beginning to feel "too single. Jon Uso tries getting frisky with wife Trinitybut she points out that he hasn't been reminding her to take her birth control pills. The couple gets into a serious discussion about birth control and kids. While they agree that they eventually want to have babies, Trinity says that now is not the time.

She wants to look into a new method of birth control, but Jon thinks that whatever happens, happens. Eva Marie reminds her that Fandango is single and Brie mentions how she and Daniel met at Brie bella one armed vs summer rae dating. Summer Rae definitely feels that she and Fandango have good chemistry in the ring, not to mention the fact that he's really cute. When Summer Rae suggests that they go out on a date, Fandango agrees.

Could love be in the cards for these two? Meanwhile, Brie goes wedding dress shopping with her mom and cousin. Sister Nikki Bella is supposed to join but hasn't shown up yet, which concerns Brie. Nikki finally shows up and watches as Brie tries on a few more dresses.

By the look on Nikki's face, she doesn't seem too thrilled. While in the car with Ariane and Eva Marie, Trinity mentions that she's considering getting a new birth control implant that would be inserted in her arm and would keep her from getting pregnant for three years. When Eva Marie asks if Trinity has talked to Jon about it, she says she hasn't because she's afraid that if he objects, it will then look bad if she goes ahead and does it. She "Brie bella one armed vs summer rae dating" it's better if she gets it and then tells him after.

The Bella twins are shopping for Nikki's dress to wear at the wedding. The two clearly have different ideas as to what is appropriate. Brie points out that she wants Nikki's dress choice to be more respectable.

Brie and Nikki Bella talk...

After going back and forth, they eventually settle on a dress that Brie approves of, although Nikki isn't exactly overjoyed. She confesses that she hasn't told Jon and her mom warns her that he is going to be upset.

The date feels slightly awkward and Fandngo seems uncomfortable with all of the questions that Summer Rae is asking.

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He says that his career is his top priority right now and that he's not looking to rush into anything. Doesn't sounds like boyfriend material to us People in the restaurant cheer Summer Rae on as she downs another shot.

More alcohol should make the date more fun, right? Brie and Daniel join Nikki and her boyfriend John Cena at the gym for a workout session. Nikki begins to get annoyed because Brie keeps mentioning all of the things that need to be done for the wedding.

Unfortunately, she doesn't feel any chemistry for Fandango. After an awkward silence, the two agree to move on and forget that anything ever happened.


Trinity finally comes clean about getting the implant. Jon is hurt and says that it was shady of her to do that behind his back. While working on wedding invitations together, the Bella Twins get into an argument because Brie accuses Nikki of not being supportive, while Nikki says that Brie is overbearing. Later on, Brie tells her mother what happened with her sister.

Topps WWE Women's Division Summer...

She attempts to explain why she feels that she is right. Unconvinced, Brie's mom mentions that she should be more sensitive to Nikki, who may never get the wedding she wants because her boyfriend John doesn't ever want to get married. Back at the training facility, Summer Rae has an awkward run-in with Fandango, who brings up the other night. After a brief discussion, the two agree that they're better off as friends and make a pact not to tell anyone else about what happened.

Meanwhile, Trinity finds Jon and apologizes for not telling him from the start.

She promises to always consult him first before making a big decision that will affect the both of them. Brie pulls Nikki aside and apologizes for being a bridezilla. Nikki explains that she supports her sister's wedding but her busy schedule makes it hard for her to always be available whenever Brie wants.

Looks like the wedding is back on! But will Brie manage to keep her promise and prevent her inner bridezilla from coming out again? See Brie and Daniel Bryan's cutest pics! Rachel McAdams Is Turning 40! Daily Pop 's Celebrity Guests. The Queen Is Back!

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