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Lisa suriani dan yusri raya dating


Pages Home Run Ezi, Run. Not all unexpected events in life are tragedies.

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On Sunday, 14 th Julymy family received a spy entourage to our home. Mak ai, direct translation. Before that happened, previously I prayed untuk bertemu jodoh dengan seorang lelaki yang niat dia untuk berkenalan with me is to make me Lisa suriani dan yusri raya dating wife.

Serik dah sebenarnye dengan routine dating — couple — tak ngam — break. Tup tup, doa dimakbulkan. Of course lah I was during that time, kalau tak, tak da nya doa macam tu: P She was helping her bro-in-law find a wife and she had me in mind. Maka, bermula lah episode berkenalan through whatsapp. He was smitten with my Whatsapp profile pic.

So, we decided to meet up supaya tak tertipu dengan gambar Camera masing-masing. Yup, I was there to spend the weekend with Abah. Tak pernah laa pula dating kat hospital kan. This was a blind date.

You have no idea how hard it was to contain my heart from jumping out my mouth. He went to see Emak and Abah to ask for permission untuk berkenalan. It was my prayer that Allah answered. How could I refuse: After the proposal was accepted. Posted by Ezi Kefli at Monday, July 15, Expect The Unexpected.

Lisa suriani dan yusri raya dating I often hear the phrase, "Expect the Unexpected. Ye lah kan, hidup tengah berjalan lancar, tidaklah perfect tapi tidak lah menduka citakan. So, I lived my day to day life like I don't care. I take people and things for granted. I even take myself for granted. Boleh dikatakan seolah-olah tak bersyukur dengan nikmat hidup yg Allah dah berikan ini. It's true, I guess. Allah kalau nak tarik balik nikmat yang dah diberikan, memang sekelip mata saja nikmat tu boleh hilang.

Just imagine, one night I was having dinner at home with my parents. Mak masak kari ikan tenggiri. Kami jarang makan di rumah, so this was special to me. Makan depan tv dengan mak and abah. Just enjoying the food and each other's company. Then, the next night, abah didn't even come home. He had a stroke while attending a meeting.

In fact, Abah didn't come home for the next 2 months. Sometimes I think during that period, mak pon didn't come home.

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Her body may be home with me, but her mind was definitely with abah. Kesian sangat tengok mak. This was definitely something unexpected. A lot of "uns" lah. But life goes on kan? Tak kan nak terjun bangunan or get overdose just because Allah Lisa suriani dan yusri raya dating ujian.

Then I remembered, Allah will only test you what you can handle. Or something like that. I don't know from which surah pon. Dalam masa 2 bulan ni je dah macam-macam I learnt. A lot of things I had to handle. Ada yang went smoothly and sudah tentulah ada yang jadi kucar-kacir. But setting a positive mindset, I know that each challenges in life will mould me into a better person.


My family and I went to Australia from 27th Lisa suriani dan yusri raya dating to 4th December It may not seem much to people who are used to over sea holidays, but it definitely is a week to remember for us. Now, if you are like me, a first timer in handling a holiday for yourself or others, then I hope this article will be useful. First thing first, get your visa! Check that the country you are going to requires a visa or not. Visas could take time to get approved. Imagine getting your tickets already but not obtaining your visa yet, that would surely make you panicky right?

Well, that's what happened to me!

We bought our flight tickets just 3 weeks before departure. We couldn't get them any earlier as Abah had to make sure that his calendar is free on the intended dates. As soon as he confirmed the dates, I purchased the tickets online.

At first we wanted to get them at the Malaysia Airlines ticketing counter.

We thought we could get a better deal, boy, were we wrong. Please note, each ticket you purchase through the counter is charged an extra RM60 as service charge.

Yusry and Lisa married! Date...

I think that is kind of ridiculous. So, after waiting for more than half an hour for our number to be called up at the MAS ticketing counter in KLSentral, we decided to just get it done at home, online. What a waste of time that was.

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