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Fubar dating reviews

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I have been a fubar member for 10 years, as of last Wednesday I am unable to connect to the "Fubar dating reviews" I have Fubar dating reviews my internet provider, and they could not connect either They said it was on your end, i. Please help to get this figured out so I The person "Robby Bramlett" using your site is actually a convicted criminal and a con artist in the music community.

He has several active complaints about him to the FBI as well a Someone is putting false information on the site and no matter how many times Fubar.

The false information is her name real is Haley Timmerman and false is Haley Henn court ordered that she go by her real name. There is also disturbing picture April 26, what did I excatly Categorically lied about? I can't remember my Fubar password. And when I link onto the reset password email it pulls up the log in page. Fubar dating reviews when I type in a password it says incorrect password.

Is there any way I can get some assistance with this problem? I'm missing out on points and meeting new friends.

reviews for Fubar, stars: "People...

Ryan aka scrappy dick aka scrapper is nothing but a money laundering fraud who threatens and bans people at will. He talks trash about "Fubar dating reviews" with support staff and has his so called bouncers aka useless pussies talk trash about the members they dont like.

He breaks the rules he is so I was on site 18 months in that time I was sent nasty messages and stalked and cyber bullied bouncer think they are gods crapper is a waste of space they is no complaints dep for this site apart from here and no one gets back to you And fubar banned me from my own photos denied me acce Hi, So a couple of years ago, a friend of mine suggested that I make a profile online using Fubar as I can also download this via phone application.

I thought 'what the Fubar dating reviews right? Oh they have a support chat room. The Fubar dating reviews thing they can tell you is how to clear your cookies and cache. If you happen to have a real problem accessing your account or being charged for something you dont receive, well good luck with that.

These degenerates let their members bash people with handicaps. And when i defended my daughter n myself in as public a manner as the unacceptable comment was made my account was deleted. I had thousands of dollars worth of stuff that jad been bought for me stolen from me by these goofs.

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This site really sucks. If any bouncer has any grudge about you. Customer service is useless. Wny Fubar dating reviews you have spent on the site to earn your levels is wasted because they wont Fubar dating reviews you sign on any longer! Definitely the worst mistake you can make is go there they have a deadly ugly drau charachter that hitlists you for no reason and bans you for no reason over and over again non stop they list you constantly until definatly the worst mistake you can make is go there they have a deadly ugly This site is "18 and over" but childish people like Scrapper and Eric have ruined it for so many. is the best kept...

Fumafia used to be the best mafia game ever, but greed and immature members cry like adolescents to Scrapper. It appears that Baby J has no control over his own website.

California United states Website —: I used to have an account 5 years ago. I recently attempted to reestablish an account on fubar. Everything started out ok. I made it to level 17 in 4 days. Fubar and all of their staff are nothing more than a bunch of cyber bullies. The second you "Fubar dating reviews" something they don't like they delete your account.

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