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Dating alias ne demek in turkish


A nickname is a substitute for the proper name of a familiar person, place, or thing - commonly used for affection. The term hypocoristic is used to refer to a nickname of affection between those in love or with a close emotional bond, compared with a term of endearment.

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It is a form of endearment and amusement. As a concept, it is distinct from both pseudonym and stage nameand also from a title for example, City of Fountainsalthough there may be overlap in these concepts. English examples are Bob and Rob, nickname variants for Robert.

The compound word ekenameliterally meaning "additional name", was attested as early as To inform an audience or readership of a person's nickname without actually calling them by their nickname, English nicknames are generally represented in quotes between the bearer's first and last names e. However, it is also common for the Dating alias ne demek in turkish to be identified after a comma following the full real name or later in the body of the text, such as in an obituary.

The middle name is generally eliminated if there is oneespecially in speech. Like English, German uses German-style quotation marks between the first and last names e. Dating alias ne demek in turkish languages may use other conventions; for example, Italian writes the nickname after the full name followed by detto 'called' e.

The latter may cause confusion because it resembles an English convention sometimes used for married and maiden names. In some circumstances, the giving of a nickname had a special status in Viking society in that it created a relationship between the name maker and the recipient of the nickname, to the extent that the creation of a nickname also often entailed a formal ceremony and an exchange of gifts known in Old Norse as nafnfestr 'fastening a name'.

Slaves have often used nicknames, so that the master who heard about someone doing something could not identify the slave. In capoeiraa Brazilian martial art, the slaves had nicknames to protect them from being caught, as practising capoeira was illegal for decades.

In Anglo-American culture, a nickname is often based on a shortening of a person's proper name. However, in other societies, this may not necessarily be the case. In Indian society, for example, generally people have at least one nickname call name or affection name and these affection names are generally not related to the person's proper name.

In Hispanic culture, a nickname is used for a term Dating alias ne demek in turkish endearment and family love, for example: In Australian society, Australian men will often give ironic nicknames. For example, a man with red hair will be given the nickname 'Blue' or 'Bluey'. A tall man will be called 'Shorty', an obese person 'Slim' and so on. In England, some nicknames are traditionally associated with a person's surname. A man with the surname 'Clark' will be nicknamed 'Nobby': Other English nicknames allude to a person's origins.

Some nicknames referred ironically to a person's physical characteristics, such as 'Lofty' for a short person, or 'Curly' for a bald man. Traditional English nicknaming - usually for men rather than women - was common through the first half of the 20th century, and was frequently used in the armed services during World War I and World War II, but has become less common since then.

In Chinese culture, nicknames are frequently used within a community among relatives, friends and neighbors. In many Chinese communities of Southeast Asia, nicknames may also connote one's occupation or status.

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Many writers, performing artists, and actors have nicknames, which may develop into a stage name or pseudonym. A bardic name may also result from a nickname. Many writers have pen names which they use instead of their real names. Famous writers with a pen name go as far back as Plato according to a late tradition and Pauland see also this List of pen names.

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