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Psalm 83 18 jehovahs witnesses dating service


Psalm 83 is the last of the Psalms of Asaphwhich include Psalms 50 and 73 to It is also the last of the "Elohist" collection, Psalm 42in which the one of God's titles, Elohimis mainly used.

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The psalm has been seen by some commentators as being purely cultic in nature. Others have indicated that the specific naming of particular nations indicates that it does refer to a specific historical period, even though the prayer itself would be offered in the Temple in Jerusalem.

The specific meaning of this verse is disputed.

The verb can be translated to refer to either speech "be not silent" or motion "be not inactive". In the text of the psalm, specifically verses 2 through 5, the speaker makes the assumption that individuals who plot against the nation of Israel must inherently be enemies of God.

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These verses provide the names of the ten nations which have evidently formed a coalition against Israel, the Edomitesthe IshmaelitesMoabthe HagritesGebalAmmonAmalekthe PhilistinesTyreand Assyria. The narrator goes on to assume that God himself will fight on Israel's side in the upcoming battle, based on the stories contained in the 4th through 8th chapters of the Book of Judgesciting individual actions attributed to God in that book.

In these verses, the narrator specifically requests that God make the opponents of Israel suffer and experience shame and die in disgrace for opposing Israel, and, by extension, God himself.

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