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Black people speed dating raleigh nc concerts 2019 florida


Well, let me say, first and foremost, that this is a concert I was already looking forward to. I've never been to a rap concert of any sort in my life, and I wanted to see my all-time favorite perform live. We got there relatively early, but still we're a little ways back in the line since the show had completely sold out!

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Elhae even came down at one point. Then once the opening acts were done, Blackbear was on stage and everyone was screaming. He started off with "hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone", the first track off "digital druglord". He then proceeded to follow the album order with "moodz". Getting everything hyped again, he proceeded with "i miss the old u" and went into "do re mi" which had everyone screaming and jumping in excitement. The only track off "digital druglord" that he didn't play was "chateau" which was a bummer, but other than that he effortlessly played the other tracks off the album.

Black people speed dating raleigh nc concerts 2019 florida did a mashup of songs off the "Drink Bleach" and "Cashmere Noose" EPs, and then had his guitar brought out so he could play some old music off "Deadroses", like "", and off "The Afterglow", like "Valley Girls".

Since Jerry Good was with him, he also played "Slide Thru". Towards the end he played some of his new songs that are only on SoundCloud, like "bus it".

Blackbear was consistently grateful for the support of all of his fans, and truly excited to be in Cleveland. He kept an endless amount of energy and a strong voice, adlibbing with high notes that had just as much support as all the rest.

The live saxophone player truly brought together a lot of the music, and made it a very fun show! Definitely worth the time and money! I really tried to enjoy the show, but it was almost impossible.

There were no opening acts, and the main act came on an hour late, then 20 mins into the show he took a break to get a cigarette.

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I could hardly make out what song he was playing each time and I know all his songs off by heart. Blackbear was very careless about everything and everyone and was pretty rude to his fans. Not only was the performance a disappointment but the crowd was terrible.

There was continuous aggressive pushing and shoving all throughout the show. I was getting elbowed in my back, other girls were getting their hair pulled etc. And the act seemed like he was high too.

I usually would never ever leave a concert early but this one was one I HAD to leave early. Overall I wish I never spent 2 and a half hours waiting in the cold for the biggest disappointment of my life. I love blackbear tons, but I won't be going to another concert of his. The audience was hostile, mean, and dangerous, and the overall atmosphere did not create a good experience. He sang well, but performance was lacking finesse. Openers and show structure was odd and did not contribute to his show.

Still love blackbear as an artist, but the stress of being at the show in that crazy audience not in a good way was too much to justify the performance you got from the tour. Went to the concert for kygo "Black people speed dating raleigh nc concerts 2019 florida" said that blackbear would be guesting there and I was totally stoked but went to the concert and waited for him to show but he never did but kygo and others were pretty amazing.

I had always dreamt of seeing blackbear in concert but will see if anymore blackbear concerts are soon to be coming up near Toronto area. Although we started 2 hours late, it was definitely worth the wait just to see my most favorite person in the whole wide world.

Blackbear's music has saved me so many times and no body understands the amount of pure joy i get from listening to him. Contact Backbooth in donwntown Orlando please set something up!!!!!

They started about an hour late, which wasnt great, but there was good music when they breaked in the middle, good atmosphere. His voice is so so so amazing, and he has the perfect balance of fast and slow songs. The music stopped working at our venue because it's a shit place!!!

The show is definitely worth seeing. Blackbear is a very talented musician and great performer, and you should spend all of your money on a ticket. He uses a lot of profanity, both in is lyrics and his comments between songs. Still worth seeing though! I honestly can say this was the best concert I have been to so far. The show was absolutely amazing. Blackbear performed so well even with the doctors telling him he shouldn't. He's truly dedicated to his fans.

Definitely recommend going to see Blackbear live. Amazing show had lots of fun, wish it was longer and that they had more merch to buy after the show ended. Also I Wasn't too happy about him being an hour late on stage but overall it was a fun concert and I would Black people speed dating raleigh nc concerts 2019 florida him again.

One of the best concerts I've ever been too. Although having people push me it was worth being in the front.

He's a great performer and it was even better that is was his birthday.

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The show was very lit. Possibly the best concert I've been to. Blackbear was super energetic and had the whole crowd singing along. I had so much fun and definitely would go see him live again! His energy is wild and his voice is just as amazing in person.

The set was put together beautifully!

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