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Lovething dating


Last year I created an account, and constantly asked for money or gifts or I tune voucher.

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So I deleted account Lovething dating a different email address for new account no surprise I had some from old account, and exactly same picture and wording. So I replied to them saying I was going to report them to the fraud suddenly there profile suddenly disappeared not to be heard of again.

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After a short time after that I deleted latest address. Be wise to these Lovething dating. All the people i spoke to on Lovething dating to get me to send gifts or money. This is not a dating site but a con site. I believe the owners of the business themselves are crooks otherwise they wouldn't allow such things in their names.

Please people don't go there! It's a danger site and should be referred to NCA for investigation. I had recently joined this site within a few days constantly being asked for money had a couple of ladys because I wouldn't send money obscene language and called words of not polite I don't want to repeat them better to go to a safe site this site gives you a ticket number but when you login say you have to go to your provider what a load of crap this site should be closed for good.

This site is just full of FAKE profiles! As far as dangerous sites go, this is pretty much the worst. Lovething dating by original owners. Now just a hub for scammers trying to get your email address an scams. Deleting your profile is not the end as you will be flooded by spam as soon as you do.

Watch out for shiny start ups with poor business models. They should have shut the site down as soon as they failed, instead they sold it to crooks and put people at risk. The worst site ever!

Full of scammers nothing done when reported. Takes forever to load that's if it does load. If you do find someone genuine highly unlikely you won't believe them as so used to fake people. This site should be shut down.

It is full of scammers from Ghana. It appears every bad egg is resident in this basket. I've been on a month and I'm Lovething dating to find somewhere safer. Not one sniff of anything half decent who isn't trying to rip me Lovething dating. Reported one profile as fraud could have easily reported nearly everyone really.

Site could be very good but it needs policing properly.

Also appears to have server issues as takes forever to load and sometimes times out. Won't be missed my advice is avoid.

If you didn't read the headline it is fake ,Full of scammers. I set up a fake email and right away it was foreign scams.

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