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Ioulia reynolds vancouver divorced and dating


Christina Kieselnews. Jody ClamanMary Zilbanews.

She separated from her husband...

Reiko Mackenzie's Ex's New Girlfriend. She may think no one knows her game but we all do.

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Used to work at Cactus with Ashley Bolton aka Trashley. She acts all sweet to your face but will pretty much sleep with your brother, husband or anyone who is over 50 and appears to have money. Oh and btw Trashley. It makes him feel better about giving the loot up to R. Sun is apparently beyond the law… Besides being a FT thug this guy clearly has some skeletons as he was aquitted of murder.

Put these scandalous train wrecks on the blast. In addition to working out financial woes, the question of a psychological assessment came up. Apparently there's questions of Jody being narcissistic and aggressive shocker.

As for the Glass House, turns out it's actually Mia's store. The shop along with royalties from the Real Housewives were what Jody claimed as her primary source of income. However Jody said none of the money was profit and that none of the employees were making money.

She also admitted the store was not open regularly- maybe a reason it's not turning a profit.

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