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Zac efron dating monique coleman


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Monique Coleman rose to fame...

I also heard that Zac Efron at one point admitted to having a crush on Monique! Did they ever date each other at all?? I'm lookin at videos on youtube, body language speaks volumes! Everytime i see them together there are always some form of flirting between them. It seems like something beyond friendship to me Even if they never were an official couple their chemistry and connection comes across very natural as if they could be a couple! They look so cute together!

Am i the only one who feels this way?? Oct 2, 2. What the hell did I just click on? Oct 2, 3. Oct 2, 4. Oct 2, 5. Oct 2, 6.

Oct 2, 7. Oct 2, 8. Oct 2, 9.

Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman...

I didn't click the link and from the comments in the thread, I'm glad I didn't. Anyhoooooo, they said that Ashley Tinsdale and Zac's relationship was too close for comfort too since he is dating the one with the nudey pictures Zac efron dating monique coleman the net and should concentrate on her.

I think people are just looking for something to talk about and from the posts in the thread, the person who did the YouTube video is just reaching. Oh and I have watched all three "High School Musical" movies. I didn't want to miss the excitement like I did with "Harry Potter.

I would have rather seen a third installmnent of "Twitches.

Oct 2, I came in just to figure out wtf these people are. Didn't know they knew each other b4 HSM.

Zac efron and monique coleman...

Isn't Monique like hitting 30? Monique is too much woman for Zac.

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