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The friends you keep says allot about you as a person. If your friends are scammers chances are that you may very well be a scammer as well. In this situation Up for it com. The list of scams operated by the same folks behind UpForIt. You can read our investigation of UpForIt. The very first signal that this site is fake is when you receive messages as soon as you sign up. This scenario has played out over and over again for us when we do these investigation into dating scams.

Right after we registered on their site with a free account the messages from hot girls started coming in.

Looking for an online dating...

Something very important to note is that our profile was empty for this investigation. We have said this time and time again that why would any women Up for it com our profile if it was empty? As proof that our profile is empty we took a screenshot of our profile page see evidence below. As you can see we left our information completely empty.

But still we still received messages and continue to receive messages from women supposedly interested in us. But as always with these scams when we tried to reply to any messages sent us we needed to upgrade and purchase a monthly subscription in order to communicate back to fictitious members sending us messages. This is the only Up for it com we received email messages. The email messages look like they're coming from real people but it's all done through computer programs.

The first thing we need to tell you is that this site like so many sites that we have investigated in the past is creating fake female profiles. The fake profiles have photographs and all types of personal information in them but it has all been created by the staff of UpForIt.

It's all being fabricated to appear to look like legitimate female members but they're not! This is something that the site admits they do in the Terms and Conditions. They actually describe in detail that they do use fake profiles, they call them "user profiles" and they admit they are used to "stimulate conversation and they are also used for entertainment purposes".

You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions later in this review. Just understand that you're not dealing with real women on this site, the whole website is a big sham it's all fake from beginning to end. Just to support our claims not only does the terms and conditions clearly admit to Up for it com fake user profiles but we have also included 3 fake profiles with photos that we found on other sites.

This just proves that the photographs have been copied from various sites and then use to create fictitious profiles that are then utilized to lure people with a free membership into purchasing paid subscriptions to UpForIt. Please take a look at the evidence below, you'll find the corresponding links to show the exact locations on the Internet where these photographs have been snagged from.

Fake profile photo copied from the links shown below the used to fabricate a fake profile: Fake profile pic copied from the links shown below the used to fabricate a fake profile: Another popular tactic used by UpForIt to get you to upgrade to a monthly subscription is they make it seem as if people are sending you links and viewing and browsing your profile.

You can take a look at the evidence below where we have circled in red all the various fictitious women who have supposedly winked Up for it com us or browse our profile.

Once again this is all fake. Using computer software programs they make it appear as if various women are winking at you and browsing your profile. It's all a con to Up for it com you to try and communicate back to those fake women at which time you will be asked to upgrade to communicate with other members of their dating service.

The same scam over and over again with hundreds of sites that we have the exposed for fraud and UpForIt. Fake winks to lure men into buying paid memberships.

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