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Im dating the ice princess full movie wattpad fanfiction


Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Down and Out by kensi reviews Kensi and Deeks are searching a house when an explosion catches them off guard. Both are injured, but Kensi, being closer to the source of the blast, is hurt worse than Deeks. It isn't long before Callen and Sam find the person responsible. Revenge is brewing but are the guys shallow enough to kill someone?

Los Angeles - Rated: The Sacrifice by vguz04 reviews The story is about the life of Sam and Jules, and how doing the right thing had led them to sacrifice they own happiness.

How two soul mates can't be together because of all the secret and cruelty of the world and people around them. First Flashpoint story, please review. We Got Us by glenncoco4 reviews Series of Densi centered one-shots.

Starving by Ely93c reviews Just an intro that came up in my mind many months ago, I think while I was listening to "Starving" by Hailee Steinfield. Now it's an entire story on my phone sigh I am sort of still crazy about the show and especially about this couple, so I couldn't resist and I wrote another story.

Thanks for the attention and enjoy: FB Eye - Rated: Yours Alone by frank. Why, that's the story! T - English - Romance - Chapters: He has specific rules with consequences if she breaks them.

Sue is kidnapped and Jack must find her Im dating the ice princess full movie wattpad fanfiction time runs out. Rated T for intense sequences. Tales from the Mission by Serotonin reviews A Compilation of One shot episodes, mainly focused on Eric and Nell but there are times where other members are focused on.

What if they were married before the show started? While she's gone, Deeks' ability to Im dating the ice princess full movie wattpad fanfiction behind being 'fine', finally collapses. Office of Special Projects, how will things change for Kensi and Deeks? Surviving The Past by vguz04 reviews How much can a person take when their past caught up to them?