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Holiday destinations in europe for couples


You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. There is something magical about cold, crisp winters. And winter in Europe is even more bewitching than one can ever imagine — snowfall in many regions, tinkles of Christmas bells, fireworks, and a lot of festive excitement.

Spain – A little spice...

It is the perfect time to plan your Europe honeymoon and explore the most romantic destinations. So, read along our perfect guide of best winter honeymoon destinations in Europe. This beautiful country is where Senorita swirls in her red flare attire and this is where your tastebuds will come to life, thanks to its ever-famous and every-delicious spicy food.

Round trip air ticket To Madrid, 2 months in advance: Cherry on the cake is its regal architecture, which speaks volumes about its inspiring culture. This is the time Madrid is less touristy, which means the hotel rates are up for grabs and you can actually visit popular Holiday destinations in europe for couples of Madrid without having to stand in long queues.

Best places to stay for honeymoon: Explore the most romantic places to visit in Europe, from Paris to the Venice canals, and from the Greek islands to the Swiss alps. Book customized packages Inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals offered by expert agents on TravelTriangle. Image Source Since Canary Island is an year-round destination, why not soak on the sun while on a winter honeymoon trip to Spain?

The temperature out here is perfect for beach hopping and living it up while enjoying the nightlife. Nobody thinks of Spain without Barcelona. In summers, most of the nooks, specially the tourist attractions of Barcelona are flocked with people, but in winters it gets less crowded, making it perfect for a romantic Holiday destinations in europe for couples. The quirky art will make you fall in love with the city, and crazy party scenes will get crazier with that special one by your side.

Right from its name to its castles and lakes, everything about Austria is more or less a beautiful serenade.


No wonder, this country deserved to be on this list of top honeymoon destinations in Europe for winter. Round trip air ticket To Vienna, 2 months in advance: Image Source The capital of Austria, Vienna has to be on your list of best winter honeymoon destinations in Europe.

Even a lazy stroll in this city will transport you to a whole new world where people have held on to their history and paced up with modernity at the same time.

Innsbruck, the Winter Sports Center, is your ultimate romantic destination in Europe as it provides comforts of a city with the coziness of nature. Right from shopping, sightseeing to myriad activities, your winter honeymoon will end up being full of fun in this city.

Have you two been dreaming of a paradise, carpeted with snow as far "Holiday destinations in europe for couples" you can see? If yes, Finland is the perfect one among the winter honeymoon destinations in Europe — just a little more charming than your dreams! Thick bed Holiday destinations in europe for couples snow and spectacular northern lights Aurora Borealis are reason enough for Finland to be on the list of best honeymoon destinations in Europe in December.

Round trip air ticket To Helsinki, 2 months in advance: A lot of people are intrigued by the idea of watching the northern lights, and Lapland is among the best honeymoon destinations in the world in December to witness this rare phenomenon.

Your love will blossom on your European honeymoon as you indulge in various snowsports like dog sledding, skiing and ice fishing.

Top honeymoon best honeymoon destinations...

Lakeland will leave you captivated with its sapphire lakes, babbling river streams, rolling hills and thick wood cover. This, the largest lake district of England, is best explored on a boat.

The same sapphire lakes get frozen in winter and act as a stage for "Holiday destinations in europe for couples" the ice-skating lovers.

It is one of the best snowy honeymoon destinations. Italy In December Round trip air ticket To Oslo, 2 months in advance: Public transport is also available at the drop of a hat.

Ballet and theatre performances will leave you wanting for more. Your honeymoon in Norway will be the best time of your life. It makes the best of warm winter honeymoon destinations. Fjords, mountains, dramatic cliffs, cruises and more, Holiday destinations in europe for couples region is romantic in every sense. The city lures travelers from across the world, and is also the former European Capital of Culture.

For a romantic winter honeymoon, head to this place. Another country among the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in December and other winter months is Croatia, a rather little-less popular but equally beautiful.

Round trip air ticket to Oslo, 2 months in advance: Orange roofs spark an impressive contrast with deep blue ocean in Dubrovnik.

The Pearl of the Adriatic, as it is also known to be, is prettified with cobblestone streets, shimmering beaches, beautiful churches and opulent palaces. The second-largest and one of the oldest cities of Croatia, Split is the perfect place to encounter the essence of Dalmatian life and a perfect example of maintaining the balance between modernity and history.

While there are bustling markets, bars and restaurants in this city, you can find utmost calm and privacy amid the coastal mountains or by taking the ferry tour on its deep blue sea. All of this beauty is why when we think of winter honeymoon, Europe always comes to the mind. Sweden with its snowscape steals the heart of many, especially the love birds who love to play with the snow or take a lazy stroll on a winter evening.

This country illuminates love and shows off the beauty of a perfect winter. This is without doubt, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in December.

Round trip air ticket To Stockholm, 2 months in advance: The city puts on the white attire as the temperature drops. Winter in Stockholm is about not staying indoors and playing in the snow.

The sea freezes a bit, reindeers have a merry time and Christmas markets glitter from afar. Enjoying barbeque session, beside a frozen lake is one of the most romantic experiences to have here.

The hotel, as the name itself suggests, is made from ice through and through; right from immaculate sculptures and chandeliers to the bed. This indeed is one of the most romantic European cities in winter.

The hotel is spread across square meters and has 20 suites, a bar and a gallery. Soon enough, this annual project will turn into a permanent one, which means the hotel will be functional even in summers.

France Holiday destinations in europe for couples been associated with romance for ages. France is indeed among the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in Winter and all the other seasons! You might have a hard time selecting the places to visit in Franceso we have listed down our best honeymoon recommendation in this country. Round trip air ticket To Paris, 2 months in advance: The capital of French Riviera, Nice with itsyear old history allures honeymoon couples from around the world.

A bustling city with opulent monuments, idyllic beach and markets flooding with irresistible knick and knacks; Nice is the nicest place to imbibe the best of Riviera. When thinking of romance, Paris surely hits the thought. Surely this is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Paris in Winter is a great time to visit this enchanting city, the streets are less crowded and dressed in white snow.

Paris is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe in January, or any other time around the year! Belgium is a good choice when it comes to best honeymoon destinations in Europe in December because of several reasons, like the native beer keeps you warm enough and the Christmas markets spark up the festive Holiday destinations in europe for couples