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Great expectations dating reviews


Get suggestions by answering a few simple questions. Great Expectations is a matchmaking dating service with more than 35 years of experience that caters to the busy working professional. To learn more Great expectations dating reviews Great Expectations call, or visit www. Each location is individually owned and operated. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review.

Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Several years ago, my friend and I drove about 60 miles to talk to the people at Great Expectations.

We had no idea of how costly and how high pressure their sales pitch would be. I remember them asking us how much our future happiness was worth. They told us both that there were many high quality men in our area who were members, but of course once we joined we found out that wasn't the case. I went to G. I had high hopes thinking it would be different. The day I went, the owner of the company talked about my financial status.

He asked if it would put me in a bind to pay so much per month for their services. I said it would so he continued to Great expectations dating reviews me how they personalize everything for you, have someone out meeting people with you in mind and that the quality of people on their site would be worth every penny. He even brought in another employee who said she personally would work with me to find that right someone. I told him I needed to think about it so he dropped the price and pressured me into signing up.

I hate to admit it but I did. I walked out immediately feeling ashamed. There was no going back, nothing I could do. I went back in to take the photos, hoping to make something good from it and while leaving I saw a photo of a friend of mine who they were promoting as a successful married couple.

I mentioned that he was a very good friend and they need to take it down because they were engaged for a few months and broke it off. It was not a good situation. Come to find out, that was true of two others they had listed as "happily married".

I did go on two suggested dates and the men were in no way a good match. It was a joke. I asked about that "personal" service and they told me they didn't know what I was talking Great expectations dating reviews. It was all a scam. Luckily I have been able to sway several friends from going there but I'm certainly paying the price. Have been with them for almost 3 months with no activity. No follow up emails from Kari to let me know what's going on. Feel like they just took the money and left me to swim on my own.

Great Expectations is a matchmaking...

Contract says no refunds. I contacted Great Expectations and expressed interest in their dating company. However, when they required my credit card number upfront I became alarmed.

Reader Comments

The employee Taylor has "Great expectations dating reviews" my cell phone numerous times, at least 6 times, even after I told her I changed my mind and was not interested. I even told her to please stop calling me but it has not stopped. She is becoming increasingly rude and the last time she called me, yesterday, she asked me, "Do you just not like my name? Please stay away from this business. They are very unprofessional, even hateful. After writing words in detail I got times out.

I'm too frustrated to repeat it all. But I can say I did experience everything the others experienced. Intense pressure, threatening calls of lawsuits when I cancelled my check. Was I too picky? I was very open-minded to race, careers, even disability. I selected over men, I kept records. My profile and pics were quite in line with most other ladies in my age group.

Then most recent complaint is that Today - August 29, I received an email stating they are changing Great expectations dating reviews name. Too much negative publicity?

Stay away from this company no matter what they may call themselves. Never sign a contract for any service on site.

I would be more than happy to participate in a Class Action lawsuit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I have never been so verbally and mentally abused as I have been by the men I have met on Great Expectations site.

Stay away from it. They say they do a background check but it's crap, they should do a psychological profile. Then try to get them to cancel your membership is crap. Oh, they will pull you off the website but continue to bill you. I would never in my life recommend them to anyone. They don't follow up when you have a complaint and do nothing to keep the nut jobs out! You spend a lot of money for nothing. If you want to find someone nice to date stay off this site.

I am "Great expectations dating reviews" years old and don't need the abuse I received! If I had wanted that, I would have stayed with the ex husband - at least I would have known what to expect. I went to an appointment and treated very well by the salesperson. Her Great expectations dating reviews was listening over the phone intercom and came in very upset and dominant when I would not commit to same day signup which I told them I don't do.

She said I was wasting their time and was afraid to commit. When it was clear I wasn't changing my mind, I was told to "get out and don't come back". Signing up with Great Expectations is probably the worst financial decision I have ever Great expectations dating reviews in my life. When you are desperate to meet someone, you can easily fall for their misleading and sometimes high pressure tactics.

I signed up for GE in Five years later, I would learn that a lifetime membership lasts only for six years. The problem with GE is demographics. There is a surplus of women born Great expectations dating reviews the late forties and fifties, and a surplus of men born in the 60's and early Great expectations dating reviews. Thus, it's not easy to find a match at GE, and GE will do everything it can to hide this fact.

For instance, often times GE sponsors events. One such event was a meetup at an restaurant. You go to the restaurant, and about 30 people show up.

Unfortunately, 28 of them are men. The men cluster around the two attractive women that have showed up for the event.

Great Expectations is a matchmaking...

Most of the men stay, because they have the hope that they will be one of the two men that the women will choose. Unfortunately, at the end of the event, they tell you "Great expectations dating reviews" they are not interested in meeting other men, because they are Great Expectations employees who have been hired to keep the men entertained.

They were hired, because past experience told them that only men show up for these events. I had one 20 minute coffee date. General Expectations is a scam. Don't even think about. I was contacted more than 20 times in 2 months and decided to check on them as they called to meet them.

The director of the company kept talking for 3. Asked her time to think, she is not letting me go Great expectations dating reviews of the room.

Once the credit card was taken from my wallet, she just took it and process it without explaining the terms and conditions.

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