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Text to win competitions have been a regular feature for both Autocorrect fail blog dating and radio stations. The important message for any small business is that you can use short codes to run any kind of competition or promotion. Instead of having to ask people to fill in a form with their name, address and email, a short code allows you to capture their mobile phone number, which means you can communicate directly with them.

See our previous article: How to use an SMS short code. You can gather more information from people by asking them to add more to their text. The additional fields can also help drive other marketing communications such as emails.

Keywords on a short code number help us filter your entries into a manageable database. This is what allows your business to have its own short code for multiple uses — competitions, surveys, donationsor just data collection. With TV competitions, you have the benefit of being able to say and show your keyword and short code combination. If you run a franchise chain of coffee shops and you want to run a SMS competition, you need to think about where you will promote it.

Will you have the Autocorrect fail blog dating of people being able to read your instructions, so they can copy them without error?

Or will your competition be the kind of thing that people will also read out — for example, in a radio advert script? Here are some key considerations when picking your keyword:.

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If you want to promote your competition on beer mats, you should keep instructions to a minimum, but if you have more space to give instructions, such as in a newspaper advertisement, you could get more creative about the additional information you ask for.

Short codes really do make it easy for Autocorrect fail blog dating of all shapes and sizes to run competitions and promotions, so why not give it a try? Try it for yourself. Log in Sign up.