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Rapid tests for sexually transmitted infections education


Sexually transmitted infections STIs are a significant health burden in the United States, having an estimated prevalence of over million, with approximately 19 million incident infections annually.

New out-of-clinic venues and tactics such as self-collection, self-testing at home, and Internet availability of tests can reach out to persons who may not attend routine medical clinics. Many new such tests are in the pipeline and will support use of special venues such as the Internet. New venue approaches, such as Internet recruitment and home-collection, present the opportunity to test more susceptible persons, who may not attend clinics.

An email is sent at three months to re-mind a participant to get rescreened if previously infected with one of the STIs.

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Since its inception in for female Rapid tests for sexually transmitted infections education for chlamydia and gonorrhea, males were added intrichomonas testing was added inand rectal screening was added in This IWTK program is provides free collection kits and free testing for users as a pilot research project, and for the past two years has required postage to be added by participants to mail the kit back for testing.

Most of the available clinic choices listed on the website for treatment of infected persons are either free city or state health departments or STI clinics or charge minimally some family planning clinics. The proof of concept that this type of program is acceptable and feasible to women and men to self-collect urogenital and rectal samples at home has been demonstrated, as well as the fact that infected persons are able to receive treatment based on IWTK test results.

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