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Giving oral for the first time


He came, and I swallowed. I had no idea how to keep my teeth from touching it. I was next to a fish tank and I felt so judged by all of the fish.

We hid in the bushes somewhere.

He was rock hard which scared me, and dribbled into my mouth for what felt like forever. He groaned a lot and said my name in a dying-battery type of voice. But that was still a surprise. Am I doing this right? God, I hope this is right. What Giving oral for the first time I do when he cums? Does he like this? Just let it coolly ooze out of your mouth on his dick. Grab towel and wipe off mouth. Was dancing with a guy and got really turned on so I told him I wanted to go down on him.

We went out to the patio area where I thought was secluded and pulled down his pants and I started to give him head.

Turns out, we were right in front of a window and everybody saw. I started crying and my friends got me home. I been crushing on a neighbor guy for months. He was your typical teenage bad boy. He asked me to skip school one morning and go over to his place. I go over around 8: He takes me straight to the couch and we start making out. He unzips his pants and kinda pushes my head down. I gagged a little. He did it again, I gagged again. I asked him to please stop pushing on my head because it was making Giving oral for the first time gag.

Turns out this guy was a fucking ass hole.

He did it again, harder. I puked all over him. Covered his dick, balls, pants, underwear, couch, and floor with my breakfast.

He turns to me, puke covered pants around his knees, dick still dripping chunks and tells me to just leave. I ran home crying. Never talked to that fucking asshole again. My best friend was super psycho protective over her brothers, so I was terrified she was going to wake up and come beat me up the entire time I had this dick in my mouth.

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