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Sophia bush james lafferty dating


We've talked about on-set romances before — those that have stood the test of time and those that didn't work out — but Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush's short-lived marriage still holds a fascination for many. The show follows five high-school friends who try to navigate love, friendships and growing up in Tree Hill, North Carolina.

He immediately ingratiates himself in the community and gains the attention of a few local girls. One of those girls is Brooke Davis, played by Bush, the captain of the cheerleading squad and the resident wild child. The on-screen chemistry between Murray and Bush was palpable, and naturally, it translated off-screen as well, as the Sophia bush james lafferty dating began dating. After two years together, they married inbut five months after their nuptials, they announced they were separating.

Things turned even uglier when Bush petitioned to have the marriage annulled.

What happened to this celebrity pairing everyone rooted for? He was sort of the key. Ultimately, that made the decision for us. He just responded to the character.

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He felt like he could inhabit that character. Murray himself talked about why he connected to the role. My mother left when I was a kid and felt I had the opportunity to bring the truth and reality to a story I don't think a lot of people may have the opportunity to bring the truth in and tell that story the way I see it through my eyes.

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