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Ewtn prayers for healing


The longing for happiness, deeply rooted in the human heart, has always Ewtn prayers for healing accompanied by a desire to be freed from illness and to be able to understand the meaning of sickness when it is experienced. This is a human phenomenon, which in some way concerns every person and finds particular resonance in the Church, where sickness is understood as a means of union with Christ and of spiritual purification.

Moreover, for those who find themselves in the presence of a sick person, it is an occasion for the exercise of charity. But this is not all, because sickness, like other forms of human suffering, is a privileged moment for prayer, whether asking for grace, or for the ability to accept sickness in a spirit of faith and conformity to God's will, or also for asking for healing.

Prayer for the restoration of health is therefore part of the Church's experience in every age, including our own. What in some ways is new is the proliferation of prayer meetings, at times combined with liturgical celebrations, for the purpose of obtaining healing from God.

In many cases, the occurrence of healings has been proclaimed, giving rise to the expectation of the same phenomenon in other such gatherings. In the same context, appeal is sometimes made to a claimed charism of healing. These prayer meetings for obtaining healing present the question of their proper discernment from a liturgical perspective; this is the particular responsibility of the Church's authorities, who are to watch over and give appropriate norms for the proper functioning of liturgical celebrations.

It has seemed opportune, Ewtn prayers for healing, to publish an Instruction, in accordance with canon 34 of the Code of Canon Law, above all as a help to Ewtn prayers for healing Ordinaries so that the faithful may be better guided in this area, though promoting what is good and correcting what is to be avoided.

It was necessary, however, that such disciplinary determinations be given their point of reference within a well-founded doctrinal framework, to ensure the correct approach and to make clear the reasoning behind the norms. To this end, it has been judged appropriate to preface the disciplinary part of the Instruction with a doctrinal note.

Nevertheless each day they experience many forms of suffering and pain. Indeed, he is the one " who delivers from every evil" Wis Among the different forms of suffering, those which accompany illness are continually present in human history. They are also the object of man's deep desire to be delivered from every evil. In the Old Testament, "it is the experience of Israel that illness is mysteriously linked to sin and evil. The sick person who beseeches God for healing confesses to have been justly punished for his sins cf.


Ps 37; 40; Sickness, however, also strikes the "Ewtn prayers for healing," and people wonder why. In the Book of Job, this question occupies many pages.

The figure of the just man Job is a special proof of this in the Old Testament And if the Lord consents to test Job with suffering, he does it to demonstrate the latter's righteousness. The suffering has the character of a test. Although sickness may have positive consequences as a demonstration of the faithfulness of the just person, and for repairing the justice that is violated by sin, and also because it may cause a sinner Ewtn prayers for healing reform and set out on the way of conversion, it remains, however, an evil.

For this reason, the prophet announces the future times in which there will be no more disease and infirmity, and the course of life will no longer be broken by death cf.

It is in the New Testament, however, that the question of why illness also afflicts the just finds a complete answer. In the public activity of Jesus, his encounters with the sick are not isolated, but continual. He healed many through miracles, so that miraculous healings characterised his activity: These healings are signs of his messianic mission cf.