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I was talking to a friend recently who is single, in her mid-twenties, and regularly wondering if God has marriage in store for her future. As we chatted, she shared her struggles honestly from her heart. The unknown is so hard to endure!

Needless to say, this video...

I desperately desired marriage. I Watch sketchy andy online dating if my longings would ever be Full Post. This is my first vlog recording since becoming Mrs. You can actually watch the wedding ceremony here. God never intended marriage or any human being to satisfy another.

True satisfaction can only be found in Christ. The hard truth is that we will never find relief if we continue to seek it through "Watch sketchy andy online dating" or through people.

Seeking satisfaction in the things of this world is like chasing the wind. Although saving sex, kissing, or any other intimate act for marriage is a rarity, it can be done! In this video, both of us Kristen and Bethany share our personal journies of when and where the idea of waiting to kiss until marriage came into existence.

I have a beautiful hand-painted picture of a mountainous scene hanging in my house. Every time I look at this picture, I long for the fresh mountain air of Colorado my second favorite state after Texas. This beautiful picture is a magnificent representation of the mountains I love. It reflects a beautiful scene. God created marriage to work exactly the same way.

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