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De Schoenenfabriek is a meeting place for shoe lovers.

The latest shoe fashion is presented with guts and authenticity in a world in which shoes are brought to life. These are lines from the philosophy by Berend Ziengs and they were the starting point for Binnenbrand in the development of the store concept for the shop in Groningen and the continued development of the concept for the branches in Leeuwarden, Zwolle and Nijkerk. Since then the fashion brand and classic Porsches have been inextricably linked to each other.

Not only does the pioneer spirit of race car drivers and mechanics appeal to our imagination, so do the passion for speed, love for mechanics and connecting sportsmanship. Binnenbrand developed the overall interior concept for the flagship stores in Rotterdam and 's-Hertogenbosch. State of Art has showrooms in Antwerp, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Lichtenvoorde, Oslo and Stockholm, 32 brand stores, numerous shop-in-shop locations and over 1, official dealers.

Binnenbrand has developed several successful shop-in-shop concepts. The brand is mainly known for their unique line of shirts where the collar size is geared to the fit of the body. They only work with no-iron fabrics of exceptional quality. A distinctive detail of these beautiful shirts is the 3-button collar.

Every season, Circle of Gentlemen includes this collar in its collection in a refreshing way. The sports store Sport 'N Styles is renowned in Haarlem its surroundings. A family business which, through passion and energy, has grown into a Rinsma gorredijk online dating with a wide assortment. From functional sports like fitness, running, tennis, hockey and football, Rinsma gorredijk online dating into a lot of fashion and a wide range of childrenswear.

Binnenbrand was involved in the realisation of the store and the development of the interior concept at an early stage, which led to fine architectonic solutions. The store displays its unique individuality through its charisma and the product range in the field of sports and fashion. Binnenbrand realised an entirely new interior concept for Steenwijk Shoe fashion in Heerenveen. A concept that stands out because of its daring combination of materials and its Rinsma gorredijk online dating atmosphere.

The addition of the adjoining building created new possibilities, which have been utilised to the fullest. Binnenbrand was involved in the plans as sparring partner and concept developer at an early "Rinsma gorredijk online dating." Joining both buildings was quite a challenge.

Fashion for modern men in an experience of around 1, m2. There is always something going on at De Heeren van Rinsma; fashion combined with surprising, extraordinary events and activities.

A bustling world of fashion in an industrial and authentic environment.

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Not bumping into clothing racks or seasoned salespersons Rinsma gorredijk online dating you enter, but having a view of a king size bar. Binnenbrand was at the cradle of the overall concept and shaped this with roots that go back years. The basic logo was developed in cooperation with Designstijl from Surhuisterveen.

Binnenbrand was responsible for the development of the concept, the design of the exterior- and interior architecture, project tendering and coordination. Van Gils is a respected and esteemed authentic brand with a history in style and tailoring with stores in the Netherlands and Europe.

The logo and signing was developed in cooperation with Designstijl in "Rinsma gorredijk online dating." Sincethe Dutch fashion designer Pauline Brakenhoff has been the founder and driving force behind the brand Aaiko. Without entirely demolishing the store and preserving the constructional structure, conceptual alterations were made and new elements were added. Doing everything to make their visitors the centre of attention is in the team spirit and the DNA of Bossenbroek. A special quality that simply radiates pleasure.

Binnenbrand took care of the conceptual restyling and supplied support during the implementation of the different disciplines.

Dedicated has 2 fashion stores in Nijmegen. The building on the Koningstraat was built after the Second World War. The store concept and overall atmosphere clearly refer to the style of this era.

An ode to post-war architecture.

There is always something going...

Traditionally, the stores have always been leading in the industry. A strong web shop is one of the things that contribute to the contemporary success of the chain of stores. Because of the good relationship and the design of the store in Goes at the time, Binnenbrand was asked to develop new concept plans for Terneuzen as well as for Oostburg. In a virtually parallel design- and renovation programme for both stores, the specific attention to exterior and interior formed an important link in the successful result.

This operation was one of the things that improved the commercial floorplan and created more space for the collections, as well as for the hospitality. Binnenbrand was introduced by Lenouk Styling and asked to provide mental input on a restyling of the existing Elferink fashion store in Wijhe. Within a set budget, a strong and clear conceptual plan was developed, which not only solved the problem to satisfaction, but a future-oriented step was also realised by making the street side look motivating and inviting to shoppers passing by.

Two fashion department stores in Uden and Veghel and 21 fashion houses all across the country make HoutBrox a leading name in the field of fashion. In addition to style and exclusivity, personal advice is paramount. Furthermore, HoutBrox offers an ambiance for inspiration in the field of lifestyle in the Netherlands. Binnenbrand has worked for Houtbrox stores at different locations in the Netherlands as concept developer and interior architect.

Jac Hensen is a family business with a personal style. If you go into one of the eleven branches of Jac Hensen you soon realise what to expect: Rinsma gorredijk online dating years, Binnenbrand has been the fixed sparring partner and interior developer where it concerns store experience and ambiance.

In the autumn of the store in Amersfoort was partially renovated and a completely new look was introduced. During the expansion of the store in Veenendaal, the new 'NILS' label store was launched, with the implementation of the new 'look and feel' for the store in Amersfoort taking place at the same time. Only for Men - Brands. Life, is a one-stop-shop for the modern man. In addition to the extensive clothing collection, they also have a wide selection of shoes, accessories, fragrances, and skincare and lifestyle items.

Binnenbrand provided the overall interior concept for a large number of stores, including Doesburg and Reusel. As of April Only For Men has a new showpiece. The leading lease company from Groningen trading all over the Netherlands is always finding new roads to follow, with only one goal: Their corporate awareness and their green approach ensure their relations top solutions. In cooperation with Binnenbrand a retail concept was developed Rinsma gorredijk online dating realised in the centre of Groningen.

Smit Mode is a family business that is currently run by the fifth generation of fashion talents, consisting of eight cousins. Barendrecht —after the most "Rinsma gorredijk online dating" restyling- is a great example of the fantastic experience of seeing the right strategy and changes in location and ambiance yielding the Rinsma gorredijk online dating result. The strength of The Bakery is that the concept is nothing like the numerous fashion stores that are based on an old-fashioned theme.

The Bakery by Only for Men creates "Rinsma gorredijk online dating" store experience that is different in all aspects. The bakery theme is not a modest addition to fashion here, but an original point of departure and a statement.

Binnenbrand developed the controversial interior concept. For Zwijnenburg — House of Fashion, since - in Meerkerk, Binnenbrand realised 3, m2 shopping heaven. With car parking facilities in the building and a clothing collection with over top brands, they are unique and the largest fashion house in the heart of Holland. Binnenbrand was involved in the development from the initial plans.

As a sparring partner, concept developer, interior designer and coordinator we have helped to build and we are proud of the realised final result. Estafette is a second-hand shop and is part of Omrin.

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The stores fit with the ambition of Omrin to make a maximum contribution to a world in which we reuse as much as possible. Thanks to Estafette, 2. Every year —thanks to Estafette- people are able to gain work experience through volunteer work or through subsidised jobs.

It may sound a little crazy and really, it is. The restaurant where the trains go racing by at three feet from your plate, provides a very special dimension.

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The concept is a Rinsma gorredijk online dating combination of surprising, pure Italian food and a cosy listed station building. The restaurant was recently awarded with a 9 out of 10 in the media. Binnenbrand ingeniously developed the authentic interior concept for the CLAFIS and took care of the full project coordination.

In cooperation with Designstijl from Surhuisterveen, the online- and off-line brand identity was developed, consisting of a logo, stationery line, a menu and a website. I believe in the fusion area where heritage meets innovation.

ZIJ van Rinsma, Gorredijk.

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