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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Anna Akhmatova in the 21st Century. Articles Saint or Monster? Anna Akhmatova in the 21st Century Galina S. Rylkova Akhmatova bez gliantsa Akhmatova without Luster. A project of Pavel Fokin. Elaine Feinstein, Anna of All the Russias: The Life of Anna Akhmatova. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, A Film about Anna Akhmatova. Directed by Helga Landauer; original literary synopsis and interviews by Anatolii Naiman.


In Russian, with English subtitles, 2 parts, minutes. Harvard University Press, The fine mesh of the [Communist] Party censorship sieve has let through I am grateful to the editors for their helpful comments and to Alexander Burak, Sara Dickinson, Irene Kacandes, Radislav Lapushin, and Anna Muza for their friendship and willingness to dis- cuss the Akhmatova institution.

Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 11, 2 Spring Some of her legacy has reached us by roundabout ways. A lot of it, however, has undoubtedly been lost irrevocably. As it turns out, the disgraced Communists did not sink into ignominy alone. They also managed to drag down with them such seemingly inde- structible constructs as the Russian Silver Age and one of its major constitu- ent parts—the Akhmatova institution.

The image that emerges is monstrous. Of course, any genius is a monster, but ge- nius Akhmatova, most likely, "Joyce meyer propovedi online dating" not.

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University of Pittsburgh Press, —reviewed in this issue of Kritika. Cornell University Press,46— He was among the first to suggest that Akhmatova was not crushed by Stalin but had successfully adapted to Stalinism.

Is it ever possible to write one? Delovaia gazeta, 18 August I am grateful to Marat Grinberg for this information. Oxford University Press, ], To begin with, what exactly are the functions of a literary biography? As a result, while be- ing the most popular literary genre nowadays, biography has also become an extremely complex genre.

The vast and growing institution of Akhmatova biography offers a perfect case study to track down some of these changes. Sovremennye problemy istoriko-literaturnogo izucheniia Leningrad: Obrazovanie, Essays in Life-Writing London: Chatto and Windus,3.

Nevertheless, self-conscious reflection on the writing of Russian biography11—and of biography in general12—has been largely absent.

There is an impressive array of scholarly books and articles devoted to the bi- ographies and biographers of individual outstanding Russian cultural figures, such as Aleksandr Pushkin, but up to now little attempt has been made to study the functioning of the culture of Russian biography in changing social, political, and cultural contexts. Until recently, Russian biographers have not concerned themselves with self-reflexivity and self-justification. Nor have they dealt with any secrets of their trade or engaged in any debates on their professional ethics and quali- fications, such as one can find in the works of many British and American biographers.

Why is there in print no single, accessible introduction to the subject, either for the Joyce meyer propovedi online dating reader or Joyce meyer propovedi online dating specialist? Adventures in the Art and Politics of Biography Chicago: RYLKOVA course of the last two centuries and given the historically blurred boundaries between the public and the private spheres, it is not surprising that Russian writers and cultural celebrities have been singularly preoccupied with their posthumous legacies and have done everything in their power to prevent any possible damage to their reputations.

In fairness, Akhmatova herself practiced all the above strategies with consummate skill. For years, Russian biographers were forced to live on an austere diet of cultural canon with its etiolated but pro- fessedly wholesome representatives. Inthis party-controlled abstinence started to give way to the smorgasbord of the emergent market economy, with biography becoming one of its many attractive commodities.

John Crowfoot New York: All they seek is scandalous notoriety. Krymskii arkhiv, Vintage,9. To suggest today as Zholkovsky and Kataeva do that the recognition that Akhmatova achieved during her lifetime is comparable to the personality cult of Stalin or to her own posthumous fame is highly irresponsible. Thus some recollections of meetings with Ivan Turgenev in the early s—when his younger interlocutors felt invari- ably awkward and froze in fear in his presence—are Joyce meyer propovedi online dating all that different from similar accounts of how various people felt in the presence of Akhmatova in the s.

Ostrovskii, Turgenev v zapiskakh sovremennikov: Agraf,— What was thought about Pushkin at the times of Pisarev, Gershenzon, and Stalin, and what "Joyce meyer propovedi online dating" and I think about Pushkin now tells [us] little about Pushkin but a great deal about these different periods of time.

And that is where those different perceptions belong. Consequently, our [present-day] perception of Pushkin will be coterminous not with Pushkin but with Pisarev and will not lay claim to being the absolute truth.

Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, ], Leonard Woolf [San Diego: Each person who sits down to write faces not a blank page but his own vastly overfilled mind.

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But this task of house cleaning of narrating is not merely arduous; it is dangerous. There is the danger of throwing the wrong things out and keeping the wrong things in; there is the danger of throwing too much out and be- ing left with too bare a house; there is the danger of throwing everything out.

Poet and Prophet Accordingly, the only thing she expected from the future was her eventual recognition—which she did live to enjoy.

Mandelstam, Tsvetaeva, Pasternak, or even Maiakovskii. A victim by proxy through repressions against N.

Punin and in person through decades of silencing and vilification, she was very circumspect in voicing her dissent and navigating her way back to official acceptance in later years…. Unlike the other four, [Akhmatova] did not emigrate, practice literary disobedience, or commit suicide.

She was much too wise and detached in her role-playing for that. This is quite understandable: This should not come as a surprise. It was in her poetry that she was able to soar over the mundane and to express what was really important. You decided to collect everything…. This is a Joyce meyer propovedi online dating approach but [it] requires a responsible attitude on the "Joyce meyer propovedi online dating" of the biographer…. You should never forget: You need to understand every little detail, [and] sort out every little speck of dirt … and only having done so can you start creating the real image [podlinnyi oblik] of Nikolai Stepanovich [Gumilev]….

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