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Ask a question about Biobio la radio temuco online dating or interviewing at G4S. Our community is ready to answer. Upload your CV Sign in. G4S Employee Reviews Review this company. Found 1, reviews matching the search See all 9, reviews. IT was good that i worked with G4S company.

The company pays on time,and also keep to there rules. The G4S company booked my shifts on time. Was this review helpful? Everyone would motivated and ready to work. Former G4s employee 18 years. Simply the best security company in the world ,i spent nearly 20 years working this company,loved every minute of it.

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Dont ever do the G4S thing. I was really loyal to this company getting up from my Christmas dinner and covering a blow out on Christmas day. To be treated like some a hole after the years I give them. Pig ignorant no respect for staff.

Any issues keep them to yourself as they are ignored anyways. Tuped to this company and was in a job I actually previously enjoyed.

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This bunch of jokers ruined the job for us all. Largest employer in the world but also the worst. After working at G4S you can be confident that you will never experience a worse employer. Incompetent, authoritarian, duplicitous management ruin you. Dickensian working conditions, no sick pay, no future, poor pay, awful management. G4s is the job for you if you are looking for a fun and exiting environment to work in. You will be meeting lots of people with new challenges and experiences every time.

Paid Travel, paid lunches and accommodation depending on the shift and location. Good place to work. Been working here Biobio la radio temuco online dating 3 years, starting with the managment going to collegues, everyone is very polite and professional. Really good job and awsome conditions. It's fast working environment. Fun and friendly staff, days can be long with lots of jobs to complete but you come across lots of nice people as you do your deliveries.

You can be sent to anywhere in London to do your deliveries, hardest part is not knowing the trip and the heavy lifting, best part is you are getting out and about getting to know London a lot better, the crews all look out for each other and only a phone call away if you need help with your trip.

The job itself is ok. Been working as an ACA Biobio la radio temuco online dating 2 years now and the only part of the job which is good is meeting new people every day.

Biobio la radio temuco online...

They all have a different story to tell which is great. As for the rest of it Management only care about numbers and KPI'S.

Hours are varied unless working a 4 on 4 off and lucky to get a break after 7 hours. Pay is not the best I've been on more working in a chip shop! Overall the job is okay and the crews are a great laugh.; Published online: 14 .....

Management and vehicles need sorting ASAP. Not ideal long term. Good if you have other commitments and need to earn money in the evenings or weekends, but the rate of pay is poor and they would short pay you for the hours actually worked. Would work a typical evening shift but they would try and pay you for less than that, or if your shift lasted longer than the standard hours they would still try to short pay you.

The enjoyable part of the job was making friends with other staff members and the different type of events that would take place. Company it's self is okay, could be better with the way they run. Vans are a nightmare always breakdown. Overall not the worst company out there and the wages are good Biobio la radio temuco online dating to other jobs.

Nice Company and Industry to work in but it is ruined by some of the people. The salary is fine for the work you are doing and you always have to choice of working more to get more money or your standard shifts so that you can enjoy your life. The real problem for me is the quality of people you are working with either your direct colleagues or your higher ups.

It seems absurd to me that you would hire people that can barely speak the language let alone write and keep them regardless of how many failures they have, just because you need the man-power. And that's where management comes in, some of them are great guys, interested in what they are doing and have awesome people skills.

But some of them are not only utterly incompetent but also have the worst attitudes ever, thinking they are in the military or something barking orders like mad men. And the only reason they are in that position is because they know somebody regardless again of the quality of their work. I guess it's the same everywhere but I got to say I've felt it the most in this company.

In conclusion if you get a good team, you'll have a blast, if not, find another job. Worked long hours, normally got some breaks. Nooo communication at all. Went for interview in May. They paid for train travel, hotel for a 4 day course. Still waiting for a start date! Yes we are now Biobio la radio temuco online dating in October! Absolutley NO Communication at all.

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I've now got sick of phoning and emailing them. So id take it as i will not pay back my SIA licence and for everything they paid for my training.

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