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PELNI ferries from Batam go...

Batam to Tanjun Priok Jakarta by Pelni. Batam to Tanjun Priok Jakarta by Pelni Agen ticket pelni online dating, Has anyone done this trip? I have to go to Singapore in December but have time to kill on return. Would be interested travelling by sea rather flying.

I am having some difficulty locating a schedule online. Does anyone have any ideas about departure dates and fares for mid-December? Last edited by elkythedogsperson ; Elky is the dog. The writer is a person I have done this one before.

Questions and suggestions for travel...

Agen ticket pelni online dating If you do find a schedule online, treat it as a rough guide and I do mean a rough guide. It is better to actually walk into their office and speak to them in person. Getting a taxi across the island followed by a ferry trip across to Batam is very easy. I traveled to Menado twice by Pelni in the days when flying there was statistically more dangerous and financially more expensive for an extended family.

Even the best ships at the time were borderline tramp steamers. If you want to do it, I'd suggest you check the ships' names plying that route and then find out what they're like.

Even go see one or two, Agen ticket pelni online dating, if you can. Pelni is for necessity or a one-time, been-there, done-that thing. It is not the Love Boat or a pleasure cruise by any stretch of the imagination.

By the end of the trip the passangers will have made a pig stye, yes worse than babi, out of the common areas. Originally posted by Hombre de Maiz View Post. OK, before this thread gets sidetracked into bathroom stories, let me pull it back to the topic at hand.

Thanks trevbr for the excellent info. Anyway, here's what's up Am looking at other possibilities in Indonesia or possibly Cambodia, but nothing is lined up and I don't want to either give up my living situation or go back to the states pending one of those possibilities coming through.

So I want to just go to Singapore and come back in on a tourist visa to buy some time I will not be working illegally as I have enough saved. Thus, I will have some time to kill. An adventure will be fine and I don't expect the love boat. In my earlier years am I dating myself by saying that?

I was in the US Coast Guard, and spent a fair amount of time at sea. I miss that, and rather than spend 90 minutes on a plane coming back to Jakarta I would happily pass 27 hours afloat. I would plan on getting a cabin as trevbr said to have my getaway place.

Questions and suggestions for travel...

As for common areas getting trashed, I've traveled on enough chicken busses in Central America as well as other adventures abroad to know what to expect. So looking at logistics then Where do I do Indonesia customs to get my tourist visa? Is it as easy as getting a VOA at the airport?

But the really important question Hi Elky, thanks for reminding me, I meant to add it in my post above.

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