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Opis sa njene stranice opisa datoteke je prikazan ispod.

A network is formed when multiple computers are linked together. The Internet is the formation consisting of a 'network of networks', enabled globally through a standard Internet Protocol IP.

It is said that email was the first extremely popular application of the Internet.

But even the Web was in want of an engaging User Interface, and this was provided by the web browser, where images could be displayed along with text and hyperlinks.

Up through the late s, browsing the web was frequently frustrating when trying to find specific content. This problem was solved by significant advances in the search engine, specifically with the advent of Google in and their backlink "voting" algorithm for ranking page relevance.

Content in specific webpages, coded in HyperText Markup Language htmlis directly accessible in the Web. But if content cannot be found by a user, then this Valky skladu online dating indistinguishable from that content not existing, from the perspective of that user. Content can also be accessed without using a browser nor the Web, as was the norm prior to the invention of the Web, but this is no longer typically done by the average user.

Solving the search problem was a critical step in the creation of a highly usable internet. The web was then engaging and very easily usable.

Maturation of these seven layers then set the stage for subsequent revolutions, such as YouTube and Social Networking. That mature version was later referred to as Web 2. Layers are labeled in the plural when a multitude of elements exist within that layer, versus just one such as one Internet or only several as with Valky skladu online dating engines.

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Note that 'content' here is used in the plural, as there are literally trillions of webpages. At the bottom of these layers is the userinterfacing with their computer. At the top is the content. So the internet is a system that connects users to content presented by its creators. When providers of content are users themselves, then Valky skladu online dating connection is what is known as peer-to-peer.

The path used by creators to upload their content is similar to the path for users in accessing the content.

A more complete diagram could be shown in the geometry of the letter lambda: But a strictly vertical geometry is depicted in this diagram for the sake of simplicity. HyperCard was a major breakthrough for hyperlinked user content, and while it failed to make the transition to internetworked connectivity, it was inspirational toward the creation of advancements like html.

A distinction between Web 2. One way that Web 3. This was followed in by the cryptocurrency BitCoin which establishes trust by way of a distributed secure ledger known as a blockchain. A more comprehensive realization of the potential of the blockchain was released in as the Turing-complete distributed computing platform Ethereum. The functionality of these features of "Web 3. Several million then suddenly noticed that the Web might be better Valky skladu online dating sex.

Advancement in the computer layer can be summarized by the "Silicon Valley formula for success": The names "Moore-Gates" identifies two iconic leaders from the Wintel monopoly: Gordon Moore and Bill Gateswith "Jobs" being Valky skladu online dating icon from the personal computer revolution who ended up with the short end of the stick as far as desktop market share goes: The expanded form of this "formula for success": Iz Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije.

Seven key layers of the internet are illustrated, showing how users are connected to content ie, web pages served by content providers.

Significant milestones are highlighted in columns on the left and right, showing key contributions made by some of the instrumental people involved in inventing and developing the technology.

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