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Prodotti tipici liguri online dating


List of typical products Liguriaproducers of typical Ligurian products and those who distribute typical Ligurian products. Besides all this we will also talk of the typical Ligurian dishes and its gastronomic specialties. Geographically Liguria is a strip of land with the sea on one side and mountains on the other.

Therefore its typical cuisine and products arouses several variants.

A land rich in tradition and history and through this brings with it a very respectable cuisine. Since its Prodotti tipici liguri online dating pesto until you get to catch these coasts offer.

Starting from the Ligurian vegetables we want to highlight its lemons, saffron of Campiglia, basil and artichokes and asparagus of Albenga. These are just some not to mention the delicate extra virgin olive oil produced in this region. And 'famous Recco focaccia stuffed with soft cheese and chickpea flour. There are many Ligurian dishes that the centuries-old tradition of this region brings with it through use of these fragrant and particular typical Ligurian products.

Just think of the ingredients of the Ligurian pesto: Famous pairing of this dressing are trofie, a particular handmade pasta rolled up on itself in order to collect all the flavors.

Being the Liguria land to sea the most common typical Ligurian dishes are based on fish but also being mountainous land we'll find many of the earth. We list Prodotti tipici liguri online dating Ligurian specialties: Famous is also the fish soup and all the ways to cook your catch of this rich sea. Inland you will find other Ligurian specialties such as Ligurian rabbit with olives and pine nuts and top of the Genoese.

Among the salami products in this region it is definitely worth trying the pork cuff and the Castelnovese ham. Even the typical Ligurian desserts have their relevance in the category of typical Ligurian products. The olive oil company is known in our territory and not only because of the high quality of the oils produced.

In fact it is among the best Italian oil mills. The Novaro family, starting fromhas […]. Ligurian coast is mainly engaged in production of canned food from choices and quality raw materials.

Typical products obtained by processing fresh products are not pasteurized and long life. In a land so beautiful come true Ligurian specialties, the best pate, […]. Here the farm is dedicated to the production and sale of typical Ligurian products. Including extra virgin olive oil, olives, dried tomatoes, wine and olives in brine. Typical Apricale products are made by the U Graie farm of […].

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Defined among the best mills of Savona and the province where the genuineness of the extra virgin olive oil produced is obtained from excellent olives of the Taggiasca variety.

The oil mill in Savona provides for its extra virgin olive […]. One of the Italian pasta makers located in via Vittorio Veneto in Busalla, in the province of Genova in charge of producing fresh pasta, egg, filled and tasty sauces.

Pasta fresca Rina […]. Much notice is the focaccia di Recco, prepared by art and with the best details derived from years and years of industry experience.

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Our knowledge in the food industry allows us to offer […]. A corner in which to taste a fine Umbrian cuisine. In a bright and friendly atmosphere in which you are greeted by pleasant sympathy and friendliness of the owner and staff.

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