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The Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, in short EEA, is an ecosystem where scientists and engineers from different fields of microsystems, electrical engineering and automation work together to solve the most challenging scientific problems in the fields of energy and environment, as well as health and wellbeing. The research focus areas of the EEA department are power systems and conversion, control, robotics and autonomous systems, well-being and a smart living environment, industrial electronics and informatics.

The research done by the automatic control group is based on a firm knowledge of system theory, control engineering, simulation methods, optimisation methods, numerical algorithms, and so forth. The Rozmowy w toku tourette online dating research focuses on heavy duty semiautonomous machines and mobile robotics, mainly in agriculture and forestry. Other important methodological research topics are software design for networked automation systems and HMIs for mobile machines.

The research in our group is focused on the numerical modelling of coupled problems that occur in magnetic materials and especially electrical steel sheets used to construct electrical machines. These problems range from energy dissipation in the material to vibrations and noise of electrical machines and devices. The Defence electronics research group concentrates on military radar hardware, related design, modelling and measuring concepts and field experiments.

We are now witnessing an explosion in networked systems: Electric drives play an important role, e. Electric drives are systems where the electric motors or generators are controlled by power-electronic converters such as a frequency converter. The group develops computational methods for multi-physics modelling of the human body.

The Research Group of Electromechanics conducts Rozmowy w toku tourette online dating research and gives highest education in the field of electromagnetic energy converters. Numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields is the core know-how of the Group. The research in the Electronics integration and reliability unit is strongly multidisciplinary by nature.

Our knowhow is based on materials Rozmowy w toku tourette online dating and, especially, on the understanding of interfacial phenomena between materials in heterogeneous systems. The group develops methods and instrumentation for environmental studies. The work of the group focuses on non-invasive monitoring of body, especially cardiovascular system, body composition and cognitive functions.

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